Young Shall Grow Motors Price List, Terminals, Bookings, And Contacts

Being one of the most well-known transport businesses in Nigeria, Young Shall Grow Motors Transport is undoubtedly a name you are familiar with. It has also been around since 1972 and has always succeeded in giving customers the greatest services possible.

Young Shall Grow Motors (YSGM) handles interstate and intercity transport better than most transportation businesses in the nation, so if you enjoy travelling to both the East and the West, that’s where you should go.

Continue reading to learn more about this transport company and why you should think about using them the next time you travel.

Young Shall Grow Motors: All You Need To Know

Young Shall Grow Motors Price List
Young Shall Grow Motors Price List

In 1972, Vincent Obianodo Amaechi started the Young Shall Grow (YSG) Transport firm. The first two locally manufactured buses used by the transportation company travelled the Enugu-Onitsha route for many years. The transportation company’s success and expansion resulted from its high efficiency. Over seven years, The Young Shall Grow transport has expanded from two to almost forty buses.

The transportation business is currently one of the top ones in the nation, operating more than 500 fleets of high-end luxury vehicles throughout practically all of Nigeria.

Additionally, the transportation business has expanded into other west African nations, including Ghana, Togo, the Benin Republic, and Mali.

Who wouldn’t want a trip whose destination is assured? This makes the company’s tagline, “Your destination is guaranteed,” quite clever because it encourages so many people to use the transportation system.

Young Shall Grow Motors: Updated Price List(2022)

YSG Transport
Young Shall Grow Transport

Young Shall Grow Motors Jibowu Price List:

Jibowu – Port-Harcourt₦4,500
Jibowu – Osha (Ebonyi state)₦4,500
Jibowu – Onitsha₦7,000
Jibowu – Owerri₦5,500
Jibowu – Nanya (Abuja)₦6,300
Jibowu – Enugu₦4,500
Jibowu – Amichi(Akwa-Ibom state)₦5,000
Jibowu – Wuse(Abuja)₦7,550
Jibowu – Aba₦5,500
Lagos – Enugu₦7,000
Lagos – Abuja₦7,500
Lagos – Onitsha₦7,000


Utako – Port-Harcourt(Rivers state)₦4,500
Utako – Jibowu(Lagos state)₦6,300
Utako to Owerri(Imo state)₦4,500
Utako – Amichi(Akwa-Ibom state)₦5,000

Young Shall Grow Motors Port-Harcourt Price List:

Port-Harcourt – Imo state(Owerri)₦4,000
Port-Harcourt – Abuja(Nanya)₦4,950
Port-Harcourt – Lagos state(Jibowu)₦4,500


Enugu – Lagos₦7,000
Enugu – Abuja₦7,550
Enugu – Mararaba(Nasarawa state)₦7,100

Please use our Transport Cost Checker to confirm the prices of routes not stated above.

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Young Shall Grow Motors: Terminal Addresses And Contacts

This section contains the addresses and contacts to all the available terminals owned by Young Shall Grow Motors globally, that is, within and outside Nigeria.

Nigerian Terminals

AnambraOnitsha, Anambra08033374545[email protected]
AbiaAba, Abia08055004724[email protected]
AbiaUmuahia, Abia08068866176,08054600345
AbiaOhafia, Abia08068866176[email protected]
AbujaAbuja08034066992, 08055004867[email protected]
AbujaKubwa, Abuja08032550170[email protected]
AdamawaYola, Adamawa08064821855[email protected]
BauchiBauchi, Bauchi[email protected]
BenueBoko, Benue[email protected]
BenueOtukpo, Benue[email protected]
BenueMakurdi, Benue[email protected]
Cross-RiverCalabar, Crossriver08037516687, 08055004717[email protected]
Cross-RiverOgoja, Crossriver07030167080[email protected]
Akwa-IbomUyo, Akwa Ibom[email protected]
Akwa-IbomOron, Akwa-Ibom08034066992, 08055004867[email protected]
AnambraNeni, Anambra[email protected]
Anambra Awka, Anambra[email protected]
Anambra Umunze, Anambra[email protected]
AnambraEkwulobia, Anambra[email protected]
DeltaAsaba, Delta[email protected]
EbonyiEbonyi, Abakaliki08068025733[email protected]
EdoBenin City, Edo[email protected]
EnuguEnugu, Enugu08033203189[email protected]
ImoOpposite St. Joseph Catholic Church, Okigwe, Imo08039107526[email protected]
ImoAkokwa, Imo08039107526[email protected]
ImoNo 4 Amaigbo road, Umuna, Orlu, Imo08039107526[email protected]
ImoOwerri, Imo08060069773[email protected]
ImoAnara, Imo[email protected]
KadunaKaduna, Kaduna08036438074[email protected]
KanoKano, Kano08027391868,08033282677[email protected]
KogiLokoja, Kogi[email protected]
BornoMaiduguri, Borno08067779700[email protected]
NasarawaMararaba, Nasarawa07031565582[email protected]
BenueGboko, Ogoja[email protected]
OgunSango Otta, Ogun[email protected]
OyoOpposite Nigerian Breweries, Alakia, Ibadan, Oyo08037797090, 08079751771[email protected]
NigerMinna, Niger[email protected]
RiversPort Harcourt, Rivers08032753110[email protected]
PlateauSonef Filling Station at 400m De Halle De Bamako Niamakoro, Bamako, Jos08065587947[email protected]
SokotoSokoto, Sokoto08035765368[email protected]
YobeDamaturu, Yobe[email protected]

Lagos Terminals

Agege, Lagos[email protected]
New Road, T4 LA, Lagos08033302420, 08050004720[email protected]
Ijora, Lagos08033271430, 08055004767[email protected]
Alaba, Lagos08170765674
Alafia, Lagos08033834298
Badagry, Lagos
Cele B/Stop, Lagos
First Gate, Lagos
Iba Estate, Lagos[email protected]
Alaba Alagoe, Lagos[email protected]
Ikotun, Lagos[email protected]
Jibowu, Lagos07095138023[email protected]
Mile 12, Lagos
Ojuelegba, Lagos08033352485, 08055004769[email protected]
Oshodi, Lagos08055004692, 08023181284[email protected]
Otto Iddo, Lagos08033332239, 08033280184, 08088644444[email protected]
Ajah, Lagos08069757342

West Africa Terminals

Burkina Faso Terminal

Ouagadugu, Burkina Faso[email protected]

Ghana Terminals

76 Neoplan Station Road, beside Avenor Chemist, Accra, Ghana+233247749523, 233272961486[email protected]
Accra-Kumasi Road, Achimota, by Boomerang Night Club (Caprice), Accra, Ghana+233249085920[email protected]
Techiman, Ghana+233247749523, 233272961486[email protected]
Kumasi, Ghana[email protected]

Ivory Coast Terminals

Gare Sade Avenue 1, Trechville, Rue 40, Abidjan, Ivory Coast+22507974675, +22545878107[email protected]
Mirador Opposite Import office, behind Gendarmerie, Adjame+22508724544[email protected]

Mali Terminal

 Sonef Filling Station at 400m De Halle De Bamako Niamaicora, Bamako+22320206793, +22376435514[email protected]

Togo Terminal

Lome, Togo[email protected]

Young Shall Grow Motors: Services Rendered

Apart from the business of transportation of man and goods from place to place within and outside Nigeria via road, Young Shall Grow Motors also renders the following services to current and prospective clients:

  • Courier Services
  • Charter services
  • West Coast services
  • YSG Lodge
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Travelling With Young Shall Grow Motors: Making Reservations

Young shall grow motors online booking
Young Shall Grow Motors Online Booking

Online or in person at various terminals, customers can purchase YSG tickets. Online reservation is an option that allows you to make a reservation in advance and from the convenience of your home using a smartphone or laptop.

The following information will help you make an online reservation:

  • Launch your browser and visit the official website of Young Shall Grow Motors
  • You will be greeted with a form which shows “Start your booking”.
  • Choose the “Travelling from, Travelling to, Departure Date and the number of Passengers” then click on “Continue Booking”.
  • On the next page select your payment method and make the payment for your trip then finalize your booking.
  • After you are done with your booking you will be provided with your ticket.

Why Choose YSG Motors?

The following are the ways that YSG Motors ensures the protection of people and property in accordance with the motto, “Your destination is guaranteed.”

  • From desk officers to drivers, the crew is well-trained to offer the best services to its clients.
  • The trucks are equipped with embedded sensors as well. In order to steer the driver through traffic and keep an eye on the state of the cars, this is done in order to monitor the routes that the driver travels.
  • In order to avoid endangering the passengers, the vehicle tracker also acts as a guide for the driver’s speed restriction.


For any reason best known to you that would require contacting the Young Shall Grow Motors customer service representatives, here are the means:

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  • Headquarters: 1 Old Ojo Road, Beside Union Bank, Maza Maza Lagos State Nigeria. 
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +234906-254-7089, +234703-414-6992

You may also drop your questions with us using the comment section below. We’d get back to you as soon as possible.

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