Yegna Bus Addis Ababa, Tickets, Offices And Contacts

Yegna Bus Addis Ababa is one of the road transportation companies that offer one of the most comfortable bus trips in Ethiopia if you’re seeking high-quality, dependable, secure, and modern public transportation in Ethiopia or the surrounding nations. They offer reasonably priced transportation services on both the local and international levels.

See the article below to learn about the additional services the transportation firm provides.

Yegna Bus Addis Ababa: What You Should Know

Yegna Bus
Yegna Bus Addis Ababa

Since its founding in 2018, Yegna Bus PLC, an Ethiopian road transport firm, has provided public transportation services.

By offering top-notch, cutting-edge services to all of their clients, the transportation company’s primary goal is to support the social and economic growth of Ethiopia and all of East Africa.

Yegna Bus takes pleasure in offering comfort so that passengers have a successful and enjoyable trip. The transportation firm offers cross-border transportation services in addition to local transportation.

The transportation company also runs a contemporary, dependable bus fleet, and its professional, well-trained staff members ensure that every passenger has a safe and enjoyable trip.

Major Routes 

The Yegna Bus Addis Ababa transport company plies both local and neighbouring countries’ routes which in total is a lot. However, here is a list of the major routes and destinations of the transport company.

  • Addis Ababa To Hawassa
  • Addis Ababa To Gondar
  • Addis Ababa To Mekelle
  • Addis Ababa To Dire Dawa
  • Addis Ababa To Bahir Dar
  • Addis Ababa To Injibara
  • Addis Ababa To Jijiga
  • Addis Ababa To Khartoum

Travelling With Yegna Bus Addis Ababa: Booking Tickets

Unfortunately, there is no online reservation option available for the Yegna Bus Addis Ababa. This indicates that reservations for tickets can be made by stopping by any of the company’s offices or terminals on the day of departure or by calling the customer service line at the number provided below.

Yegna Bus Addis Ababa Courier Service

The transportation business also offers parcel delivery services at competitive rates. In other words, as long as there is a recipient, you can ship your package anywhere the Yegna Bus is going. They deliver both light and heavy items, and even though the cost varies depending on the type of item, it is still quite reasonable.

Why Travel With Yegna Bus?

Yegna Bus Addis Ababa

With Yegna, you may also splurge. The Yegna Buses have the following amenities, among others:

  • 2 by-2 seating configuration with legroom and USB charging ports at each seat
  • Free WiFi services that are fast
  • Onboard restrooms are also offered on buses.
  • Services for breakfast before morning departures
  • Services for air conditioning (A/C)
  • Reading lamps mounted above
  • TV services provided by a contemporary thin TV
  • Modern audio system for listening to music.


While travelling, the Yegna Bus firm provides a comfortable environment. Its many amenities allow you to have a successful and enjoyable journey. You can also mail packages to and from wherever the delivery service is going. Despite the lack of an online ticket ordering system, contacting customer service is just as effective.

Below are the means of contacting Yegna Bus Addis Ababa customer care: 

  • Head office: Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Kirkus sub city, Around Kazanchis, OSAC building 5th floor.
  • Website:
  • General Info: +251911205428
  • Phone number: +251115579979 +251115577767 +251115577787

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