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Vilamora Tours is one of the best transport companies in South Africa today. This reputable company has a focus on providing opulent and fairly luxurious transportation options, but it may also be tailored to fit the customers’ particular requirements.

Bus rental and Chauffeurs are two more of the services offered by Vilamora Tours at competitive and fairly reasonable rates. Read the article below to find out more about the transportation company.

Vilamora Tours: All You Need To Know

Vilamora tours

Located in South Africa, Vilamoura Tours is a transportation business. This transportation company is independently owned and focuses on passenger transportation between several South African cities. In Roodepoort, at Kathleen St., Florida, is where its headquarters are situated.

From individual transfers to public transfers, the transport company offers a variety of services to the market, which includes individuals, families, religious organizations, schools, colleges, businesses, and government agencies. They put a lot of effort into making each vacation comfortable, stress-free, and relaxing.

Vilamora Tours Company Sub Contract

Vilamora Bus Company has the right to outsource when it requires additional vehicles for an emergency. It is anticipated that the replacement vehicle will be of comparable calibre to those made by Vilamoura Tours.

The customer has the right to buy a car that meets his standards and is within his price range if for some reason such a vehicle cannot be acquired. If Vilamoura subcontracts the purchase of a vehicle. It is understood that the replaced vehicle driver will operate independently, with no direction from Vilamoura.

The use of the substitute vehicle shall be deemed to have resulted in a hire agreement between the customer and the subcontracted vehicle operator, and the customer shall defend Vilamoura against any claim for injury or other liability arising out of the use of the substitute vehicle.

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Services Offered By Vilamora Tours

Along with providing passenger transportation, the Vilamora Transport Company also offers the following services:

Vilamora Tours Corporate Transfers

Vilamoura Tours has developed strategies to satisfy your corporate transfer demands because they are aware of the pressure and stress that busy professionals face every day.

You won’t have to worry about traffic or parking because their professional chauffeurs will help you with your bags and transport you to your locations such as business lunches, meetings, and office functions.

Vilamora Tours Bus Hire

The individual needs of their clients are met by Vilamoura Tours’ expertise in offering opulent transportation options. All of your trip requests are taken seriously by them. In addition to 40 and 50-seat luxury coaches, they also rent out 10, 14, 18, 22, and 28-seat minibuses.

They may also accommodate schools, churches, and social organizations with their semi-luxury 60 and 70-seater buses. A/C units, reading lamps, DVD players, and other entertainment options are all included in the coaches’ comprehensive equipment list.

Vilamora Tours Chauffeur Services

High-end chauffeured car services are offered by Vilamora Tours’ Chauffeurs to tourists and foreign businesses in Johannesburg. For business and leisure travellers, their chauffeurs and team offer opulent airport transfers.

With their fleet of vehicles, which includes the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans, Toyota Corolla Executive, Mercedes-Benz premium Sprinter, and Toyota Quantums, they offer 24-hour chauffeur services.

Travelling With Vilamoura Tours: Making Reservations

Vilamora tours

The Vilamoura Tours company, like the majority of transportation companies today, has a website where you may make reservations for tickets. Many customers prefer the online booking system, even though you can also purchase your tickets at any of the Vilamoura Bus stations or by calling their office.

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An easy, quick and feasible way to purchase Vilamoura tickets online is provided below:

  • Visit the Vilamoura Tours official website
  • Click on the booking interface
  • Select departing and destination stations as well as the date of travel. You can also indicate if you want to book a return booking.
  • Select your forward and return bookings. You can use the Prev and Next buttons underneath each booking to quickly look for available services on other days.
  • Enter passenger details for booking, such as Phone number, name, passport number, email address e.t.c.
  • Revise selection to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Select a payment option. Currently available are 3D secure card payments
  • Print your proof of payment or time-limited receipt.

You should be aware that each person is only allowed to bring one average-sized suitcase. Additionally, the transport firm is not liable for missing or damaged items. This only applies to Vilamoura Bus vehicles; if it’s a subcontract, the price is subject to vary.

Why Choose Vilamora Tours?

Why choose vilamora tours?
Vilamora Tours

The workforce at Vilamoura Tours Bus And Transfer is incredibly motivated and trained to be the foremost in the passenger transport industry, delivering exceptional products and services while keeping expenses low and efficiency high. To guarantee the safety of passengers, all drivers receive in-depth training on traffic laws and regulations.

Additionally, the company’s fleet is clean, smoke-free, and well-maintained because it is serviced regularly. The business is dedicated to and seeks to take the lead in the South African tourism sector, as well as to build a strong reputation for and awareness of its services. It also firmly supports the promotion of skill development.

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Airport shuttles, day trips, packaged tours, corporate transfers, chauffeured services, and coach and minibus rentals are further specialities of the organization. The fleet of the transportation company consists of luxurious coaches that are completely furnished with restrooms, reclining seats, reading lamps, air conditioning, refrigerators, snacks, DVD players, and other entertainment options.


Vilamoura Tours is dedicated to providing safe, cheap travel and top-notch customer service. The company has more than 30 years of expertise in the transportation sector. Their cars range in class from semi-opulent to luxurious, and they’re frequently well-kept and in good shape. Their services are also excellent and reasonably priced.

For further enquiries, booking process or complaints, you can contact the Vilamoura Tours customer care via the following means: 

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