Simba Coach Online Booking, Price List, Customer Care Number

Simba Coach online booking
Simba Coach online booking, fares, offices, and contacts

What are the Simba Coach online booking procedures? How may I send my parcel through this company?

Ever heard about Simba Coach and been curious about it? Well, you are where you need to be. Transporting both people and products on Kenyan roadways is the business of Simba Coach. Isn’t it wonderful that it also moves people to nearby East African nations?

You can find all the information you need to schedule a trip with Simba Coach’s intercity bus in this post. These all include, among other things, Simba Coach contacts and a price list. You’ll be happy you read it.

In this piece, you’d find all related information on Simba Coach online booking, fares, offices, contacts and of course, why this company is worth the pick. Read on to learn more.

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Simba Coach: All You Need To Know

One of Kenya’s oldest transportation firms is Simba Coach. It is also a highly well-liked and preferred option for Kenyans because it is renowned for offering high-quality transportation services and places a high priority on the security and comfort of its customers.

A Kenyan road transport firm called Simba Coach transports people and cargo between different towns and cities in Kenya. Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Uganda are just a few of the many countries in East Africa that Simba Coach visits. Scania and the Golden Dragon are the two most common Simba Coach buses.

Both short- and long-distance trips can be taken in Simba Coach buses, which are also pleasant. Due to the bus’s recliners, passengers may easily stretch their legs out while seated.

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The transportation provider also provides opulent services, including the availability of LCD screens in the buses to ensure suitable entertainment at the front and three smaller TV sets for the back seats to ensure nobody is left out.

Major Routes Plied By Simba Coach

Simba Coach travels to many places in Kenya, cities, towns, and even rural areas. However, it has some frequent routes it plies and they are listed below:

  • Mombasa to Kakamega
  • Mombasa to Busia
  • Mombasa to Malaba
  • Mombasa to Kitale
  • Mombasa to HomaBay
  • Mombasa to Nairobi
  • Nairobi to Kampala
  • Nairobi to Ukunda
  • Nairobi to Mpeketoni
  • Nairobi to Kigali
  • Nairobi to Malindi
  • Nairobi to Lamu

Simba Coach: Updated Price List

Find attached below, a table consisting of the most recent price list used by Simba Coach:

From Mombasa to Nairobi1000-1200
Mombasa to Malaba1600-1800
Mombasa to Busia1600-1800
Mombasa to Kitale1600-1800
Mombasa to Homa Bay1400-1600
Nairobi to Mombasa1000-1200
Nairobi to Ukunda1000-1200
Nairobi to Malindi1200-1600
Nairobi to Mpeketoni1800
Simba Coach Online Booking, Fares, Offices, and Contacts

Please use our Transport Cost Checker to find the exact price your trip would cost.

Other Service Rendered By Simba Coach

Asides from the business of transportation of people from one place to another, Simba Coach also renders the following service:

Logistic Service

Simba Coach specializes in both passenger transportation and delivery of products on Kenyan roadways. For clients who want to convey items to another area, no matter how big or small, Simba Coach provides delivery services. Affordably priced deliveries of goods are available to every destination where a Simba Coach bus is traveling.

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Simba Coach Online Booking: Making Reservations

Tickets can be purchased at any of the Simba Coach terminals that are closest to you since the company’s inception. Though many individuals now favor online ticket purchasing, Simba Coach also developed and established a means for customers to do so.

Despite not having a dedicated website for bookings, the transportation firm works with a safe general internet booking platform to complete transactions.

To book your tickets online, follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, go to the Google play store app or the Apple app store on your phone and download the  “Bus Kenya” app. 
  • Launch the Bus Kenya app. Make a choice from the list of Transport companies on the app, Select Simba Coach as your Transport company of choice. 
  • Select your location of departure as well as the destination you are heading to. 
  • Enter other traveling details which include your date of departure and class of seats you want.
  • Select your Preferred seat and proceed. 
  • Register with your Full name or the name you want to use in obtaining the ticket
  • Proceed to the payment section. Pay using the M-Pesa platform, then enter the number used in paying for the ticket as well as the M-Pesa code to confirm your payment.
  • Complete the Captcha verification to confirm you are not a robot.
  • After successful registration and booking, the company will send across your booking details.
  • Then you can proceed to print out your tickets at the nearest Simba Coach Station

Simba Coach: Offices And Contacts

The table below consists of the various locations where this company may be found within Kenya:

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Simba Coach, Kumasi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya.+254707471111
Along Kenyatta Ave, Busia0727402612, +254722355544
Kisumu office 0723370380
Malindi office 0774471112
Mombasa office 0707471110
Simba Coach online booking, fares, offices and contacts

Why Choose Simba Coach?

Since its inception, Simba Coach has provided high-quality services, making it the preferred option for many. A few of these high-quality services include:

Customers of Simba Coach can travel in comfort. The days of tedious and tiresome road trips are over thanks to Simba Coach, which has LCD screens installed in all of its buses to make passengers’ trips enjoyable and entertaining. To ensure that no passenger is left out, there is a sizable LCD screen in the bus’s center and three smaller ones at the back.

Simba Coach makes for a comfy ride. The buses are so large that even though they can accommodate many people, everyone can stay comfortable while traveling. There is plenty of legroom for passengers on the buses, which have reclining seats. As a result, traveling with Simba Coaches is comfortable whether you’re going far or short distances.

There aren’t many road transportation businesses in Kenya that operate in other East African nations, but Simba Coach is one of them. People can now conveniently, affordably, and in the utmost comfort go to their neighboring countries thanks to them.


Simba Coach ought to be your first pick if you’re looking for high-quality travel at a reasonable cost. Your trip is undoubtedly something to look forward to thanks to the LCD displays, reclining seats, and air conditioning.

Don’t forget that you may use the Simba Coach logistics to mail your packages affordably without having to transport them yourself.

In the event that you require any clarifications with regard to any of the services provided by Simba Coach transportation, you can reach them by any of the following methods:

  • Headquarters: Kumasi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Contact: 0707471111
  • Website:

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