Randa Coach Online Booking, Tickets, Prices, Contacts And Offices

Randa coach online booking
Randa Coach Online Booking

Would you like to travel and have fun without going bankrupt? Do you want more information regarding Randa Coach online booking methods? Have you been trying to figure out transport companies that give superior services to get from Mombasa to Nairobi? Are you fresh to Kenya and attempting to utilize one of the top transportation services? You might be interested in learning more about Randa Coach if you’ve heard about the company. Has their online reservation caused you any trouble? You are then in the appropriate location. To learn the answers to these queries, continue reading.

Located in Kenya, Randa Coach is a road transportation business that offers opulent rides at competitive rates. Most of the time, it moves people and cargo between Mombasa and Nairobi and back. They guarantee the security of their clients while also providing quality services.

In this article, you’ll learn more about Randa Coach online booking procedures, the services the company renders, addresses to its several offices and the most frequently plied routes by vehicles belonging to this company.

Randa Coach: All You Need To Know

Especially in the Kenyan cities of Nairobi and Mombasa, Randa Coach is a transport company that deals with the transport of individuals. They provide upscale transportation services for a reasonable cost.

Scheduled passenger service is run by the transportation business. Additionally, consumers can take advantage of a number of exclusive services. Affordably priced charter packages are also available from the company for organizations, groups, and touring shows.

On all of their buses, Randa Coach ensures safety by utilizing the most recent technology. Safety for their workers and consumers is their first priority. Randa Coach’s fleet of vehicles is modern and up to the highest requirements of safety. Additionally, the buses are overseen by highly skilled drivers and transportation personnel.

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Before beginning a new trip, Randa Coach buses undergo daily maintenance for performance assurance. Additionally, using a GPS in the system, they are tracked and kept an eye on round-the-clock at the company’s operations division. You can check the driving, resting, and bus location times as well as the speed limits for the vehicles. Randa Coach guarantees that you’ll always get there on time and in good shape.

With a contemporary fleet of vehicles and while offering secure, comfortable, and reasonably priced services, Randa Coach’s aim is to provide intercity buses to accommodate numerous domestic travellers between Mombasa and Nairobi.

Randa Coach also has the vision to revolutionize the way millions of people travel around the region in future years and give solutions in an increasingly congested environment, keeping people moving and communities prospering.

Randa Coach Online Booking

How do you go about the Randa Coach online booking?

Everything has become simpler due to technological advances, and anyone with a smartphone and an online connection may now purchase tickets while relaxing at home. You have two options for purchasing tickets. The Randa Coach terminals can be accessed physically, or you can do it virtually by using a website or mobile app.

This is a guide to help you book tickets, which is fairly simple:

  • Visit the Randa Coach official website.
  • On the home page, you’ll see a booking interface. Select your current location, your expected Destination and your date of travel.
  • Then click on search buses. You would then have to select one out of the available buses, and then select your seat; which could either be a business seat or a normal seat.
  • Once you click on the seat number you like, the left column of the screen will show you the amount to pay.
  • Then you would be asked to fill in your details; phone number, name, and email address.
  • Proceed to pay to the account number displayed on your screen.
  • Your ticket will be sent to your email address. The tickets will be printed out on the day of your departure at any of the Terminals.
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Services Rendered By Randa Coach

Asides from the business of transportation of persons between Kenyan cities, Randa Coach also renders the following services to its clients:

Courier Services

Simply said, a courier service is the transport of items from one location to another. Randa Coach provides economical courier services, where they pick up items at the point of departure and transport them to the bus’s destination.

Bus Charter and Hire

You can get in touch with customer support if you need to charter any of the buses from Randa Coach for a group, company, or individual. They offer reasonable pricing for bus rentals.

Randa Coach: Ticket Fares

This is a plus for Randa Coach because it makes it simple to check for these costs on the website of the business. By accessing their online booking platform, you may find the Randa Coach ticket prices for your journey.

Keep in mind that Randa Coach ticket costs from Nairobi to Mombasa range from Ksh. 1200 to Ksh. 1000 depending on the class of seats chosen. However, before getting ready for your trip, it is usually encouraged that you confirm using the online booking portal. You may also use our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker to confirm this.

Why Choose Randa Coach?

Buses operated by Randa Coach feature a few amenities that draw clients. The amenities include completely air-conditioned buses with plenty of leg room, wifi, entertainment systems, and charging ports. This is done to make sure that the passengers have pleasant and delightful services.

In the transportation industry, Randa Transport is utilizing technology as well. The company has a website where customers may reserve tickets in advance. When a person has a smartphone with an internet connection, they can conveniently and affordably plan journeys.

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The Randa Coach transportation company also provides courier services and bus charter for organizations, groups, and travelling events, among other things. The Randa courier services are available for people who need to transport items from Mombasa to Nairobi or from Nairobi to Mombasa.

The ability to guarantee the safety of both clients and employees is another area of pride for Randa Coach. A few amenities have been installed within the various buses, including a GPS that the buses may utilize to track their locations. A speed limitation that prevents vehicles from travelling at excessive speeds is also present in the buses. In order to avoid any mishaps, the drivers are also well-versed in the laws and rules of the road.


One of the top transportation services in Kenya is still provided by Randa Coach, a company that has been around for a while. They offer high-quality services with amenities like Wi-Fi, television, and air-conditioned buses among others to make travel comfortable. Who wouldn’t want these advantages while they were travelling? It’s interesting to note that bus tickets are still reasonably priced.

You can get in touch with the Randa Coach via the following methods to learn more, make reservations, or file complaints:

  • Phone number: +254 722 417311 (Mombasa)
  • Phone number: +254 790 485128 (Nairobi) 
  • Hotline: +254703414754
  • Address: Randa Coach Ltd Kenyatta Avenue, P. O. Box 88738-80100 Mombasa, Kenya.

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