Prestige Shuttle Online Booking, Prices, Routes, And Contacts

Prestige shuttle online booking
Prestige Shuttle online booking, prices, routes, and contacts

What are the Prestige Shuttle online booking procedures? How do I make inquiries about a particular service the company renders? Does the company run along my route? Read on to learn more.

If you’ve heard of the Prestige Shuttle, have you ever pondered on what the business does? Do you wish to learn more about the transportation provider despite having previously traveled with them? In any case, you are where you need to be.

A Kenyan road transportation firm is called Prestige Shuttle. It provides logistics services, automobile rental services, and intercity transportation. It is renowned for providing excellent customer service and is safe, secure, and on time. With a variety of opulent amenities including air conditioning systems, reclining chairs, and other amenities, it delivers people at a reasonable price to more than 30 locations in Kenya.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing Prestige Shuttle online booking, contacts, offices, fares, and how to book tickets to travel with the company. Join us as we discuss all this requisite information.

Detailed information about this transportation business is provided below.

Prestige Shuttle: All You Need To Know

With 11 vehicles and 50 employees, Prestige Shuttle started operations in 2003. In order to bring order, dependability, and predictability to Kenya’s chaotic and unreliable public transportation system at the time, the company’s founders founded Prestige Shuttle. They wanted to give their customers trustworthy and safe transportation options.

The Prestige Shuttle was already an expert at following traffic rules and regulations as of 2004, when the Kenyan government enforced the requirement that all buses must do so, living up to its moniker as a true “prestige” service. Modern cars operated and driven by courteous, well-trained staff who strict adherence to Kenyan road regulations was introduced by Prestige Shuttle.

By adhering to the regulations set forth by the National Transport and Safety Authority, Prestige Shuttle provides safe transportation. The five pillars of safety, security, punctuality, comfort, and reliability are also stressed in the exceptional customer service provided by Prestige Shuttle.

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DIGNITUDE, to put it simply! Prestige. All of this is done in a bid to protect the interests of the customers.

For both long and short-distance trips, Prestige Shuttle buses are also pleasant. Stretching one’s legs is more than possible, and reclining seats are also offered. The premium Shuttle buses also provide guests with opulent lounges, bathrooms, screens, and other amenities.

In addition to shipping items from one place to another on behalf of its clients, the transport company also provides courier and logistical services. The business also rents out cars at reasonable rates for use by either individuals or groups.

Prestige Shuttle: Major Routes Plied And Cost Of Travel

Prestige Shuttle travels to a variety of locations throughout Kenya, however, the following is a list of the principal routes it currently plies, along with their costs:

  • Nairobi to Nakuru – Ksh 500
  • Nairobi to Kisumu – Ksh1400
  • Nairobi to Kitale – Ksh 1350
  • Nairobi to Kericho – Ksh 1100
  • Nairobi to Eldoret – Ksh 1250

Please confirm these prices using our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker tool.

Prestige Shuttle: Services Offered

Apart from Transportation of people, prestige Shuttle also engages the following Services:

Car Hire Services

The transportation business also makes its vehicles available for rent to both individuals and groups. On their official website, you can reserve the hiring services. Most of the time, the hired cars are of high caliber and are reasonably priced.

Courier and Logistics Services

The courier and logistics division of the transportation company is available to individuals who need to move items, whether they are light or substantial in weight. Because the buses can be tracked, you can keep an eye on how your cargo is being transported. Typically, delivered goods usually early.

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Prestige Shuttle Online Booking: Bus Tickets And Making Reservations

What are the Prestige Shuttle online booking procedures?

There are several ways to purchase tickets from this transportation provider. You can stop by any of the terminals that are close to you or get in touch with the customer service provider. To order tickets, you can also use your phone to dial *887#. Finally, you may purchase the tickets online while relaxing at home.

Even though it’s a really straightforward process, here is a guide to booking online:

  • Visit Prestige Shuttle’s official website
  • Click on the Navigation bar and choose ‘Book’ out of the many options or better still scroll down till you get to the reservation section
  • Input your traveling details by selecting your departure location, destination, and date.
  • Proceed by clicking on Continue
  • Pay with your card to complete your bookings

Prestige Shuttle: Offices And Contacts

The Prestige Shuttle offices and their contact information are listed below:

Nairobi/Nakuru Office0790491749
Nairobi/Kisumu Office0790358665
Kisumu Office0790491751
Nakuru Office0790491750

Things To Note About Prestige Shuttle

You might have been travelling with prestige Shuttle but you may not know all it has to offer. Here are a few things about Prestige Shuttle you may not know of: 

  • You can book your prestige Shuttle tickets by dialling *887#
  • Prestige Shuttle travels to over 30 destinations within Kenya.
  • Prestige Shuttle buses are all being tracked
  • Prestige Shuttle buses are replaced every 3 years.
  • The prices of the tickets remain the same no matter the period of travel.

Why Choose Prestige Shuttle?

The Prestigious Shuttle has a few quirks that will encourage you to choose them for your upcoming travels.

Like other companies in the road transportation industry, the elite Shuttle bus ticket costs are not affected by the “Peak Season.” Regardless of the state of the economy or the time of year, they keep their prices. In light of the fact that everything is being done for the benefit of the clients, this is something to be noted.

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The drivers of the Prestige Shuttle transport company are well-trained and required to abide by established traffic laws in order to ensure the safety of the passengers. To avoid stops on the road, the buses are also maintained well. The bus operator regularly modifies its fleet of vehicles to give customers nothing less than the best possible travel experience.

The transportation business also provides logistics and courier services. They’re proficient and effective at it. For the customers’ peace of mind and to guarantee that the goods are delivered safely, on schedule, and to their destinations, the buses are also traced. They charge fair pricing for these services.

Air conditioners, LCD displays, lounges, plenty of leg room, and reclining chairs are among the amenities they offer in addition to high-quality services that are comfortable. Your journey with them will undoubtedly be relaxing and pleasurable.

Final Note

This piece has discussed Prestige Shuttle online booking procedures and how to contact the company, should there be a need to.

Since it has been in business for around 20 years, Prestige Shuttle Transport Company has been offering top-notch services. As one of the first fleets of dependable buses in Kenya, it established the standard for subsequent buses to follow.

Their employees are courteous and well-trained, and their drivers abide by the law to protect the safety of the public. In addition, the buses are opulent and furnished with amenities including leg room, LCD displays, and air conditioning. What else is necessary?

Contact prestige Shuttle through the following means to make additional inquiries, reservations, or complaints:

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