Periska Bus Online Booking, Contacts, Fares, Routes, And Offices

Periska Bus Online Booking
Periska Bus Online Booking, Contacts, Offices, And Fares

What are the procedures for Periska Bus Online Booking? How can I travel with Periska Bus? What routes does the company ply on a regular? How can I make a complaint to the company? Find the answers to these questions in this piece.

Do you know anything about the Periska Bus transportation business? Are you searching for a plush bus in Kenya? Have you ever had any questions concerning its services? Do you have difficulties ordering their tickets? Do you want to talk to their customer service contact about a problem you are having? You have come to the right place if any of these inquiries apply to you. The Periska Bus transportation company’s details are provided below.

In this article, we will be reviewing Periska Bus Online Booking, how to contact the company, the routes the company plies on a regular basis, the addresses to the company’s offices and every other detail that’s important for you to know of before choosing to embark on a trip with the company.

Periska Bus: All You Need To Know

Periska Bus is a Kenyan bus company that describes itself as “a modern bus that gives safety and comfort to travellers” in its own words. It offers road travellers in Kenya secure and reliable services.
The company operates a variety of luxurious buses to locations in Western Kenya, including Homabay, Kendu Bay Busia, and Kisumu. Read this article to learn more about this transportation company.

One of the recently registered transportation businesses in Kenya is Periska Bus. People are transported by Periska bus to a variety of locations in Kenya. Despite being new, the transportation business nonetheless offers top-notch services that guarantee the safety and comfort of its clients.

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The transportation company operates a variety of buses, such as Scania, semi-luxury buses, and more. The majority of Periska buses have air conditioning, an overhead reading light, more than enough legroom, a stereo system, and a television to make the ride entertaining and pleasant for travellers. Nevertheless, each bus has some amenities that are unique to it.

Periska Bus Company’s Major Routes

Periska Bus plies the following routes on a frequent basis:

  • Nairobi To Kisumu
  • Nairobi To Homabay
  • Nairobi To Busia
  • Nairobi To Kendubay
  • Nairobi To Bondo

Periska Bus: Services Rendered

In addition to providing passenger transportation from one site in Kenya to another, the transport firm also offers the following services:

Courier and Logistics Service

The movement of parcels or packages from one location to another is known as courier service. As there are no specific goods to be shipped of any particular size or sort, the parcels may vary.

At reasonable rates, the Periska Bus company transports packages. Any of the locations that the buses visit can get these packages. Additionally, it guarantees safe and effective parcel handling for its customers from the moment of pick-up to the point of delivery.

Periska Bus Online Booking

Although reservations can be made in person at any of the Periska bus stations, they can also be made online from the convenience of your home. You can make reservations for your trips using a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection.

Here’s a guide to Periska Bus online booking:

  • Visit Periska’s online booking portal or website to get started
  • Input your travelling details including From (your current location), To (your destination), departure date, return date, and other important details.
  • Click on search to see the available buses.
  • Pick your preferred buses out of the available buses and proceed to pay for your ticket.
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Reminder: You have the option of paying with a card or Lipa Na M-Pesa. To properly reserve a ticket, adhere to the instructions as they are displayed.

Why Choose Periska Bus?

Periska Bus places a high value on its customers’ comfort. This has influenced many Kenyans to choose the road as their preferred mode of transportation. The limited leg room on many buses is one of the key problems. In order to ensure that all customers are comfortable, Periska Bus recognized this issue and capitalized on it by providing extra legroom on all of its buses.

All Periska buses are additionally furnished with extras that add to the enjoyment of the journey. The buses are equipped with power outlets so you can charge your phone while travelling and a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. In order to avoid the issue of heat during the trip, the buses are also completely air-conditioned. In order to provide you with the greatest possible travelling experience, the buses also offer attractive and cosy interiors.


This piece has discussed the Periska Bus online booking procedures as well as how to contact the company and where its offices are located.

The organization doesn’t slack off in its approach, despite being one of Kenya’s most recently founded transportation firms. The buses in use are of a high calibre and include a variety of amenities to guarantee the comfort of every passenger.

Many individuals now find it simpler to check the time of the bus departure and make reservations online thanks to these systems’ availability. Please use our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker to check for prices for your different journeys.

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The Periska Bus Company’s customer service contact information is shown below in case you still need to get in touch with them for questions, concerns, or other information:

  • Telephone number: +254742784783, +254733494787
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Physical Address: Periska Limited, P.O Box 3034 Kisumu

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