Peace Mass Transit Price List, Terminals, Bookings, And Contacts

Peace Mass Transit

When it comes to providing high-quality transportation services, Peace Mass Transit has been at the forefront, especially when it comes to giving its customers the sense of comfort and relaxation that is lacking from competitors.

Among Nigeria’s top transportation businesses is Peace Mass Transit. Over 2000 cars are now part of it in Nigeria, up from the initial two buses. Increased customer figures, which are sufficient evidence that the company provides excellent services, are the cause of its commercial explosion.

Read the article below to learn more about this transportation provider, including how to make reservations and the company’s numerous terminals.

Peace Mass Transit: All You Need To Know

Across Nigeria, a transportation company called Peace Mass Transit transports people from one place to another. The transportation business also provides a wide range of services, including logistics and rental services, among others.

On June 3, 1996, Chief Sam Maduka Onyishi founded Peace Mass Transit, a division of the Peace Group. Since the man is a business tycoon, entrepreneur, and philanthropist for his kind deeds to many, Chief Sam Maduka is not a new name in Nigeria.

The Peace Mass Transit, like other companies, started out modestly with only two buses. However, thanks to the company’s outstanding performance in the road transport industry, it now boasts of having about 2000 vehicles throughout Nigeria.

Peace Mass Transit: Updated Price List

Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Enugu₦1,350
Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Abuja₦6,550
Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Aba₦1,550
Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Port Harcourt₦2,050
Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Abakaliki₦950
Ajegunle TerminalAjegunle – Enugu₦6,750
Ajegunle TerminalAjegunle – Abakaliki₦6,750
Ajegunle TerminalAjegunle – Umuahia₦6,750
AjegunleAjegunle – Aba₦6,750
Ajah TerminalAjah – Port Harcourt₦7,750
Ajah TerminalAjah – Enugu₦7,750
Ajah TerminalAjah – Owerri₦6,750
Ajah TerminalAjah – Onitsha₦7,750
Aba TerminalAba – Onitsha₦1,450
Aba TerminalAba – Yenegoa₦1,650
Aba TerminalAba – Calabar₦2,150
Aba TerminalAba – Enugu  ₦1,550
Aba TerminalAba – Ibadan₦5,750
Aba TerminalAba – Nnewi₦1,350
Ejigbo Terminal  Ejigbo – Onitsha₦5,750
Ejigbo TerminalEjigbo – Obollo Afor₦6,750
Ejigbo TerminalEjigbo – Enugu₦6,750
Gwagalada Terminal  Gwagalada – Nsukka₦5,050
Gwagalada Terminal  Gwagalada – Enugu₦5,450
Gwagalada Terminal  Gwagalada – Onitsha₦5,950
Gwagalada Terminal  Gwagalada – Aba₦7,750
Gwagalada Terminal  Gwagalada – Lagos  ₦8,250
Ibadan TerminalIbadan – Abuja₦11,250
Ibadan TerminalIbadan – Aba₦9,550
Ibadan TerminalIbadan – Onitsha₦8,550
Ikorodu TerminalIkorodu – Abuja₦7,750
Ikorodu TerminalIkorodu – Port Harcourt₦7,250
Jibowu TerminalJibowu – Kaduna₦11,250
Jibowu TerminalJibowu – Aba₦8,750
Jibowu TerminalJibowu – Abuja₦10,250
Jibowu TerminalJibowu – Enugu₦8,250
Maraba TerminalMaraba – Lagos₦8,750
Maraba TerminalMaraba – Enugu₦5,950
Maraba TerminalMaraba – Nsukka₦4,950
Maraba TerminalMaraba – Jos₦2,550
Ojuelegba TerminalOjuelegba – Owerri₦7,050
Ojuelegba TerminalOjuelegba – Kaduna₦10,750
Ojuelegba TerminalOjuelegba – Uyo₦8,750
Yenegoa TerminalYenegoa – Benin₦1,550
Yenegoa TerminalYenegoa – Lagos₦5,150

Please check for prices not stated above using our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker.

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Peace Mass Transit: Terminal Addresses And Contacts

Find below, a comprehensive list of all PMT terminals around the globe. Please note that this list exists in no standing order.

Aba Terminal13, Asa Road, Aba, Abia State08055091828
Abakaliki Terminal25A, Afikpo Road Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.08055091816
Abakpa TerminalLiberty Junction, By Ogwuago/Obinagu Road, Abakapa, Enugu State08056697088
Afikpo Terminal7, Ngodo Road, Amangbalia, Afikpo North, Ebonyi State07055792617
Ajah TerminalAjiwe, Opp. Micheal and Solomon House, Ajah, Lagos State07055792630
Ajegunle Terminal6, Achakpo Street, Off Mba Street, Ajegunle, Lagos State08056697070
Akure TerminalIfe-Ibadan Expressway,Along Ife Road, Opp. Swan Hotel, Akure, Ondo State08056697069
Asaba TerminalAsaba08055091810
Abubaka, MararabaBy the last Bus stop, Keffi Road08055091822
Abuja, Bwarisahagari Road, Opposite Market08056697034
Abuja, GwagwaladaOpposite Brifina Hotel, Gwagwalada, Abuja08055091833
Abuja, KubwaKubwa08055091830
Abuja, KujeGwagwalada Road, Near Secretariat Junction, Kuje, Abuja.08055091858
Abuja, Utako39 Ajose Adeogun Street, Utako, Fct, Abuja08055091829
Abuja, ZubaZuba08055091831
Benin Terminal117, Akpakpava Road, By 2nd Junction, Benin City, Edo State08056697034
Bwari Terminal9, Shagari Road, Opposite Market, Bwari, Abuja08056697034
Calabar Terminal56, Bedwell Street, Behind WATT Market, Calabar, Cross River08055091834
Demorose Terminal106, Old Ojo Road, Near Agboju Market, Church Bus Stop, Lagos State08056697004
Ejigbo TerminalIlepo Bus-Stop, Ejigbo, Lagos State08056697005
Enugu, AbakpaAbakpa08056697088
Enugu, GarkiOpposite Garki Market, Enugu07055794026
Enugu – EzikeEnugu-Ezike08055091832
Ojota TerminalFlyover Bridge, Ketu Road, Beside Biode Garage, Ojota, Lagos State08150461820
Ojuelegba Terminal9/10 Western Avenue, Ojuelegba Roundabout, Opp. Abati Barracks, Lagos State08055091827
Oshodi TerminalCharity Bustop, Opp. Army Resettlement Centre, Lagos State08056697095
Orile Iganmu Terminal10, Badagry Expressway, By Church Bustop, Orile Iganmu, Lagos State08055091826
Enugu Terminal1, Christ Chemist Roundabout, Enugu State08055091825
Ibadan TerminalSamonda Old Airport, UI, Sango Road, Ibadan08055091851
Ibafo TerminalNear Ibafo, Police Station, Opposite Internal Revenue, Ibafo, Ogun State08056697049
Ikorodu Terminal9, Sagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State08056697002
Port Harcourt TerminalOpposite Bori Camp, Rumuola, Port Harcourt08055091822
Ilorin Terminal1, Ogba Dam Road, Opp. Stella Obasanjo Hall, Offa Garage Road, Ilorin, Kwara State08055091849
Jibowu Terminal7, Ikorodu Road, By Traffic Light, Opposite Chisco Motors, Jibowu, Lagos State08056697003
Jos TerminalTerminus Market, Jos08055091842
Kaduna TerminalPlot 1416, By Command Junction, Along Nnamdi Azikwe Expressway, Kaduna State07055792632
Nyanya TerminalNyanya, Abuja08056697087
Maza-maza TerminalMaza-maza07055792627
Nnewi Terminal4/5 Owerri Road, By Nwafor Orizu Roundabout, Anambra State08056697009
Nsukka Terminal64, Enugu Road, Nsukka, Enugu State08055091817
Minna TerminalDavid Mark Road, Opp. INEC Office, Niger State08056697027
Onitsha Terminal103, Oguta Road, Upper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra State08055091818
Warri Terminal118 Warri – Sapele Road, Off Airport Junction, By Orokodudu Junction, Delta State08056697041
Yenegoa Terminal783, Okutukutu, Mbaiama, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State08055091855

Peace Mass Transit: Other Services Offered

The following services are also rendered to clients by Peace Mass Transit in addition to interstate and intrastate passenger movement.

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PMT Logistics

Anywhere there is a PMT terminal, you can mail packages via Peace Mass Transit Logistics at a reasonable fee.

In addition to being dependable, the logistics provider also provides you with a tracking ID that can be used to retrieve your shipment after it has been delivered. Because of this, parcels won’t get mixed up. It is quite effective to use the logistic company.

PMT Rental Services

Renting a vehicle from Peace Mass Transit is a great option for a variety of reasons, whether you’re an individual or a group. The PMT offers rental cars at reasonable rates.

Traveling With Peace Mass Transit: Making Reservations

At the numerous PMT terminals, customers can physically purchase tickets, or they can do it online through the PMT’s official website on laptops and cellphones.

Here is information about purchasing PMT tickets online:

  • Visit Peace Mass Transit’s website.
  • Click on Book Now after navigating to the part that says “Book Now” or “PMT – Transport Reservation.”
  • You would be given a form to fill out with your trip information, including your departure city and destination as well as the date and passenger numbers.
  • You must validate the captcha after filling out the form and then click “Find a Bus.”
  • Choose a seat, then use your ATM card to pay.
  • Your email address will be used to send you your ticket information following a successful payment.

Why Choose Peace Mass Transit?

All transportation companies strive to offer specific amenities that foster client satisfaction, and Peace Mass Transit is no exception. Its features have made it a preferred mode of transportation for many Nigerians, and they might make it so for you as well. The PMT offers the following unique services:

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Many bus drivers attempt to speed through transit time by exceeding the speed limit, which could lead to accidents. To ensure the safety of lives and facilitate travel experience, however, PMT buses are equipped with a speed restriction that stops the driver from driving too fast.

The speed limiter guides the speed being operated by the vehicle, decreasing the risk of accidents thereby endangering passengers’ lives. The drivers are also well-trained to follow the laws and rules of the road.

Additionally, in order to make travel more comfortable, PMT buses are also fitted with air conditioning. Imagine how miserable it would feel to be on a long-distance trip where there’s the heat factor coming from the rays of sunshine.

Peace Mass Transit passengers no longer have to be concerned about that while they travel. You don’t need to keep wiping the sweat off from your forehead all the way to where you’re going. For their customers, PMT has improved the experience of traveling.

In order to provide passengers the privacy they desire, the bus windows are tinted as well. As it is visible from within, the tinted windows nevertheless permit sightseeing. In order to keep passengers comfortable and engaged, the PMT bus includes a multimedia player in each seat. Due to this, the journey is pleasant and enjoyable.


The Peace Mass Transit, which has been operating for over 25 years, continues to offer top-notch services and is constantly working to improve them for the benefit of its clientele.

For further inquiries, Information, bookings, or complaints, contact the Peace Mass Transit via:

  • Phone number: 07007322362, 08055091886,
  • SMS Contact: 07034157751
  • Official website: 
  • Email: [email protected].

The fact that there is an air conditioning system, multimedia players, and tinted windows indicates that the business cares about the comfort of its customers.

Do you want to enjoy all of these facilities at a reasonable cost? Then book your next trip with Peace Mass Transit!

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