Munorurama Bus Contacts, Ticket Prices, Routes And Offices

In South Africa and its adjacent nations, Munorurama Bus provides long-distance passengers with public transportation throughout the Southern Africa Regions. Additionally, they offer courier and automobile rental services. Additionally, their costs are reasonable.

Are you seeking the ideal transportation provider for your lengthy trip? Are you seeking for a bus with plenty of room for your legs that is luxurious? The Munorurama Bus Company is the best choice for you, therefore.

Munorurama Bus: What You Should Know

Munorurama bus contacts
Munorurama Bus Contacts

In South Africa, one of the first transportation businesses has been the Munorurama Bus. It is one of the most well-known bus companies in the continent of Africa’s southern regions.

The majority of the bus company’s long-distance services go between South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

The transportation firm owns a sizable fleet of cars, including Scania buses with locally produced MCV, Irizar, and Marcopolo bodies as well as buses with Marcopolo and Irizar bodies.

These vehicles often have maintenance checks done to protect the safety of the passengers.

Some of the semi-luxurious vehicles have 2 by 2 seating arrangements, while others have 2 by 3 arrangements. The vehicles are also equipped with reclining seats with appropriate legroom, air conditioning, onboard entertainment including a television and a music system, as well as other amenities.

Major Routes Plied By Munorurama Bus

Munorurama Bus vehicles ply the following routes on a regular basis:

  • Johannesburg To Lilongwe
  • Lilongwe To Harare
  • Johannesburg To Harare
  • Johannesburg To Mzuzu
  • Lilongwe To Lusaka
  • Johannesburg To Blantyre

Munorurama Bus: Ticket Prices

This is not a set price, and it is always subject to modification. The average fare charged by the transportation provider is listed below:

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  • Blantyre To Johannesburg K80 000
  • Lilongwe To Johannesburg K85 000
  • Mzuzu To Johannesburg K95 000
  • Cape Town To Blantyre R2300
  • Johannesburg To Blantyre R1500
  • Blantyre To Cape Town K115 000
  • Lilongwe To Cape Town K120 000
  • Mzuzu to Cape Town K130 000
  • Johannesburg To Lilongwe R1600
  • Cape Town To Lilongwe R2400
  • Cape Town To Mzuzu R2600
  • Johannesburg To Mzuzu R1700

Also, please confirm these prices using our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker Tool.

Munorurama Bus: Services Rendered

Munorurama Bus offers the following services in addition to its well-known passenger transportation:

Courier Services

This involves transporting different kinds and quantities of cargo from one place to another on behalf of the passengers. Usually, the bus is traveling to the locations where the items are going. Your belongings are in good hands, and the service is reasonably priced.

Vehicle Hire Services

The cars of the transportation company can also be rented out on a specific basis to private groups or even social organizations. Buses with 52 to 70 seats are often the ones that are available for hire.

Travelling With Munorurama Bus: Booking Tickets

Munorurama bus

Unfortunately, the lack of an internet presence for the Munorurama Bus suggests that online reservations are not available.

However, you can use the transportation service by going to any of the company’s terminals on the day of departure or by getting in touch with the company’s customer support team by phone or email.


The transportation company is reputable and well-known for offering its customers high-end services.

The organization also offers top-notch courier and car rental services, ensuring that your items arrive at their destinations in good condition and that the borrowed vehicles are often in good condition. Additionally, their costs are reasonable.

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For further enquiries, booking process or complaints, you can contact the transport company via the following means:

  • Head office: Munorurama Bus Malawi, PO Box 30723, Chichiri, Blantyre.
  • South Africa Address: 116 Harrison &  17 Levos Street 
  • Call: 011 403 0859
  • Whatsapp: +27 72 604 8457
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +265 91 0031, +265 83 4190
  • Cell: +265 888 893 737,+265 99 920 7888

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