Modern Coast Online Booking, Fare, Offices, And Contacts

Modern Coast online booking
Modern Coast online booking, fares, offices, and contacts

What are the Modern Coast online booking procedures? How may I send a parcel through this company?

Are you acrophobic? Does flying cost too much money? Do you wish to pay less and still enjoy the comfort and excitement of flying? In that case, Modern Coast Transport Company is the best choice for you.

Operating in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda, Modern Coach Transport Company is a luxury coach company. They are among the best-known luxury bus operators in the East African region.

In Kenya and its adjacent countries, Modern Coach is dedicated to giving travelers the greatest, most dependable services that are also secure, opulent, comfortable, accommodating to their needs, and punctual.

Find out everything you need to know about Modern Coast online booking procedures, its offices, how to speak with its customer care representative, and of course, why this company should be on your list of possible companies to journey with for future reference.

Modern Coast: All You Need To Know

Transporting people and commodities between locations is the business of the opulent Modern Coast firm, which has its headquarters in Kenya. More than 50 localities in Kenya and surrounding East African nations like Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda are visited by it.

In Mombasa, Kenya, the Modern Coast Transport Company was founded. Since its founding, the company has made a name for itself as the premier transport provider in the East African region for a wide range of national, international, and multinational clients who value luxury.

The primary goals of Modern Coast are to consistently outperform road transportation competitors and to uphold stringent international standards. They achieve this by continuously enhancing their services, keeping their technology modern, and investing in management development and productivity.

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Additionally, the transportation provider offers three different seat categories—corporate class, business class, and standard class—allowing consumers of various income levels to still take advantage of their services. All classes are comfortable and provide amenities like USB ports, reclining chairs, and air conditioning.

Major Routes Plied By Modern Coast

Though the transport company plies about 50 routes, below are listed a few of its major routes:

  • Dar es salaam To Arusha 
  • Dar es salaam To Nairobi 
  • Mombasa To Dar es salaam
  • Nairobi To Kigali
  • Nairobi To Kampala
  • Nairobi To Mombasa
  • Nairobi To Usenge
  • Nairobi To Busia
  • Nairobi To Kisumu
  • Nairobi To Homabay 

Modern Coast: Other Service Rendered

Modern Coast doesn’t just transport people, it also renders the following service:

Courier and Logistic Service

The business transports items from one place in Kenya to another. They transport both light and heavy cargoes, such as frozen foods, petroleum products, and other items. The trackability of the logistics cargoes enables clients to keep tabs on the progress of their purchases. All of these are provided by a modern coast transport firm at reasonable costs.

Modern Coast Online Booking: Making Reservations

Modern tickets from the Coast Transport Company can be ordered in a variety of ways. You might either book online or go to the current Coast terminal that is the closest to you. There is the option to order your tickets online because the opulent organization, whose goal is to promote client comfortability, is aware of how convenient it is for customers to book online.

Here are some instructions for ordering Modern Coast tickets online:

  • Visit Modern Coast online website
  • Fill in your traveling details including departure location, destinations, and traveling date.
  • Select the currency you intend to use to pay for tickets. (For example, Kish if you are using a debit card)
  • Click on the Search button to display all available tickets.
  • Select your preferred ticket 
  • Click on the ‘View Seat’ options and choose your preferred seat.
  • Then, submit your details by clicking on the “Book Now” button
  • Proceed to fill in your payment details and once successful, your ticket will be generated.
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Modern Coast: Offices And Contacts

Moshi Office+255783593330
Arusha Office+25578359400
Dar Es Salaam Office+255788621757
Ubungo Office in Dar Es Salaam+255713780756
Kariakoo Office in Dar Es Salaam+255657620985
Nairobi Office: Luther Plaza, 4th Floor, Nyerere / State House Road, Nairobi, Kenya +254717444460
Accra Road Office: Accra Rd, Nairobi, Kenya +254709463155
Modern Coast online booking, fares, offices

Why Choose Modern Coast?

As their name suggests, Modern Coast’s fleets of cars and trucks are up to date. Three distinct seat classes are available on their regarded as opulent buses, to accommodate various consumer spending levels. In-house workshops are also available for the upkeep of these vehicles and guarantee their occupants’ security, comfort, and safety.

With plenty of legroom and reclining seats, the opulent buses are very comfy, ensuring that your journey is very relaxing. Additionally, the buses include a ton of conveniences including WiFi, plugs for charging gadgets while traveling, tablets for each seat, a contemporary sound system, and much more.

Modern Coast Transport’s fleet of vehicles is equipped with the newest tracking and fleet management software, enabling direct supervision of the fleet’s vehicles and logistical cargoes from their Central Headquarters. In order to reduce casualties, this aids in directing the driver’s pace as well as position.


If you’re looking for a road transport business that provides safe, high-quality, opulent, and dependable services, Modern Coast Transport is the best choice.

Despite the fact that they have an excellent app, a website for online reservations, tracking devices, and other services, they appear to lack good customer relations.

We have also written about other Kenyan transport companies. Please read about the other Kenyan transport companies that exist.

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You can reach this transport firm via the following methods if you have any additional questions or complaints:

  • Head office: Next to Makupa Police Mombasa, Kenya
  • Phone Number : +254709897000, +254705700888, +254788888800, +254729403589
  • Email address: [email protected]

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