Iyare Motors Price List, Terminals, Bookings, And Contacts

Iyare Motors is an indigenous transportation firm in Nigeria. It provides some of Nigeria’s best road transportation. In Nigeria, which has a vast population, the majority of people use roads as a form of transportation to go about the nation.

As has already been mentioned, this transportation company is a very well-known transport company in Nigeria and is currently ranked as one of the top transport companies in Nigeria.

They have a long history of providing their clients with high-quality service and have had many successful ventures. The business is a leading Nigerian transportation provider and is now well-known nationwide.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Iyare Motors price list, terminals, online booking options, services rendered and why you should consider this company for your next trip. Read on to learn more.

Iyare Motors: What Do You Need To Know About This Company?

Iyare motors
Iyare Motors Price List

One of the top transportation companies in Nigeria is undoubtedly Iyare Motors, which is particularly popular for transportation in the south and middle belt regions of Nigeria.

Their corporate headquarters are located at 25 Urubi Street, No. 25, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. This transportation provider has been offering the greatest transportation services in Nigeria for many years, mostly transporting commuters or travellers from Benin to Lagos State and back from Lagos State to Benin using their cutting-edge vehicles.

Even though the corporation continues to operate on other significant intracity highways around the nation. They give people access to several services in addition to transportation.

Iyare Motors: Popular Routes Plied

Although this company conveys passengers majorly from Benin City to Lagos state and back, this company also plies other common routes. These routes are listed below:

  • Abuja to Asaba
  • Abuja to Benin city
  • Abuja to Lagos
  • Abuja to Onitsha
  • Abuja to Warri
  • Benin City to Abuja
  • Benin City to Asaba
  • Benin City to Warri
  • Benin City to Onitsha
  • Lagos to Abuja
  • Lagos to Asaba
  • Lagos to Onitsha
  • Lagos to Warri
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Iyare Motors: Updated Price List

The bulk of Iyare Motors price list for different journies is not known to the public. However, please use our Transport Cost Checker to confirm this.

The only known price is from Iyare Motors Lagos to Benin city. Travelling in an air-conditioned bus or vehicle costs #3500 while travelling in a non-air-conditioned vehicle costs #3100. Iyare Motors Benin to Lagos price is also much similar to that.

Iyare Motors: Terminals And Contacts

Iyare motors terminals
Iyare motors terminals

Iyare Motors has two major and fully-functional terminals, one in Edo State and the other in Lagos state. The addresses of these two terminals are given below:

Benin City Terminal

  • Address: 25, Urubi street, Benin City, Edo state
  • Telephone: +2347086561145

Lagos Terminal

  • Address: 51, Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State.

Although its major terminals are situated here, the company also has individual parks in Lagos where its buses are found regularly. These locations are:

  • Alaba market
  • Empire, Surulere
  • Maza Maza
  • Mile 2
  • Volks
  • Yaba

How Do I Book Tickets To Travel With Iyare Motors?

Iyare motors online booking
Iyare motors online booking

There is no doubt that real tickets can be purchased to embark on a trip with this company. However, there are no readily available online booking options to make reservations ahead of your trip. You can either go to one of their two official terminals—the addresses for which are right above this paragraph—or speak with their customer service representative.

Services Rendered By Iyare Motors

This company provides a number of services in addition to providing passenger transportation. As follows:

Haulage or Courier Services

The company enables secure delivery of items from one site to another on behalf of its customers in addition to providing for the safe movement of persons.

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It is renowned for handling luggage delicately and delivering it while keeping the cost reasonable, regardless of how big or tiny it is.

Car Leasing or Hire Services

Iyare Motors also leases out buses and cars for private usage. You can get in touch with Iyare Motors to rent a car at a reasonable price for your events or for any other occasion.

Why Choose Iyare Motors?

Iyare Motors Nigeria Limited provides bus transportation services in accordance with recognized world standards for road travel.

Their services are intended specifically for affluent travellers who would typically use an airline.

The company also offers safe and secure transportation services while providing its customers with good, air-conditioned buses and automobiles. Additionally, the seats in buses and other vehicles are designed to be cosy and practical for passengers.

They also conduct their activities both inside and outside of the nation in state-of-the-art terminals with deluxe lounges in different Nigerian cities.

You can trust them with your transportation needs because they have a lot of experience and truly care about your happiness. For both individual and business clients, they offer a professional service.

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Final Thoughts

This piece has discussed all you need to know about Iyare Motors online booking, price list, terminals and noteworthy facts about the company.

It should be noted that this reputable road transportation provider has no online recognition of any sort. Information regarding the founder of this company has been kept away from the public. As such, it is difficult to get accurate information about the history of this company and its price list.

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For more information regarding any of the company’s services, you could contact the customer service representative or alternatively, pay a visit to the company’s head office and request to speak to any of their representatives. The address to the head office is given below:

  • Address 1: 25, Urubi Street, Benin, Edo state
  • Phone Number: 07086561145
  • Address 2: 51, Ikorodu road, Fadeyi, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State Nigeria

Thank you for reading!

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