Ifesinachi Transport Price List, Terminals, Bookings, And Contacts

Since its founding in 1965, Ifesinachi Transport Company in Nigeria has built a reputation for offering its clients high-quality, effective services. Ifesinachi Transport is also called Ifex Express

The primary goal of the transportation company is to provide customers with efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly travel options. This indicates that the transportation business acts in the best interests of its clients.

The business has worked hard over the years to please its consumers and fulfill its goals. This has increased the company’s customer base and resulted in numerous awards.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Ifex Express Price List, Ifex Express online booking procedures and terminals and of course, why the company should be considered for your next travel.

Ifesinachi Transport: All You Need To Know

Ifesinachi transport
Ifesinachi Transport

In 1965, James Ogbonnaya Mannah, the company’s founder, began using a vehicle to manually transport items for customers. This was the beginning of Ifesinachi Transport. Due to the founder’s dedication, the company saw tremendous growth.

Ifesinachi Transport began formally in 2000, despite the fact that it was already a standalone business. Ten years later, in 2010, Mr James Ogbonnaya Mamah passed away, and one of his sons, Chukwuemeka Mamah, assumed control of the business. Chukwuemeka Mamah is now the CEO of Ifesinachi Transport Company.

Chukwuemeka Mamah was able to achieve success during his term, and this has assisted the business is growing beyond all expectations. The company today counts over 4000 employees, over 200 luxury buses, and over 500 Toyota Hiace buses.

Nigerian transport company, Ifesinachi Transport Company is well-known for its services between Lagos and Abuja as well as to the eastern regions of the nation. The company’s basic principles include that they want to provide customers with inexpensive, accessible, and sustainable travel while continuously improving the effectiveness of its operations.

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Ifesinachi Transport: Updated Price List

Ifesinachi Transport Price list
Ifesinachi Transport Price List: Updated

This section contains a list of the most recently utilized price list by Ifesinachi Transport.

Lagos (Jibowu) to Abuja₦6,500
Lagos (Jibowu) to Onitsha₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) to Owerri₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) to Enugu₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) to Nsukka₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) to Imo₦5,700
Lagos (Jibowu) to Abia₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu) to Kaduna₦7,500
Lagos (Jibowu) to Ibadan₦4,200
Lagos (Jibowu) to Port Harcourt₦7000

Kindly use our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker to check for prices not stated here.

Ifesinachi Transport: Terminal Addresses And Contacts

Here are branches within Nigeria where vehicles belonging to this transportation company are found:

BranchTerminal AddressContact
Aba Terminal15, Milverton Road, Aba, Abia08070591854
Abakaliki Terminal6, Ogoja Road, Abakaliki08060441985
Enugu Terminal2, Okpala Avenue, Enugu08034534051
Ibadan Terminal 73, Oyo Road, Beside Grandstand Hotel, Mokola, Ibadan08070591899
Jibowu Terminal2/4, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos08070591876, 08070591875, 08070591887
Jos TerminalT1, Jubilee Kenya, Jos08070591866
Makurdi Terminal90, Gboko Road, Wurukum Roundabout, Abakaliki08134004195
Owerri Terminal14, Douglas Road, Owerri08070591860
Port Harcourt Terminal114 Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt08036366698
Upper Iweka TerminalUpper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra08065704980
Utako Terminal22E, Ekukianam, Utako District, Abuja08034932041

Ifesinachi Transport: Services Offered

Being a leading and well-known transport company in Nigeria, trust has been built over the years and customers may use any service given by the firm without worry, which helps the company thrive. In addition to passenger transportation, the company provides a variety of services, such as:

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Courier Services

Ifex Express Limited is a courier-focused subsidiary of Ifesinachi Transport Company. They offer logistics and courier services throughout Nigeria. Due to the company’s superior haulage and cargo facilities, both light and heavy weight parcel deliveries to various areas throughout Nigeria are feasible. The service is incredibly reliable, secure, and moderately priced.


Hotel and hospitality services are also provided by the Ifesinachi Transport firm. Grace Manor Hotels is the name of the company’s hotel. There are hotel branches in numerous Nigerian cities.

Bus Leasing

Bus leasing is another operation carried out by Ifesinachi Transport Company for private or public usage. Along with other private purposes, they also offer car pickups at airports. You can choose the car of your preference, and at a decent price.

Travelling With Ifesinachi Transport: Making Reservations

Ifesinachi Transport Online Booking
Ifesinachi Transport Online Booking

Through the internet and the advent of technology, booking has become faster. Through their website, you can now make reservations for tickets while relaxing using your phone or computer. Additionally, you can purchase tickets at any of the Ifesinachi Transport terminals.

Here is how to make an online reservation:

  • Visit the Official Ifesinachi Transport website (http://ifesinachitransport.com) on your computer or mobile device.
  • A form asking for your departure state, terminal, final destination, and preferred departure date will be shown to you.
  • Select your preferred seat to proceed with the reservation process.
  • Pay securely online using your ATM card.
  • Upon completion, you will receive your ticket number.

Note: You may only bring in bags that weigh no more than 10kg. You’ll need to purchase an additional seat if your luggage weighs more. However, if you want to avoid those additional fees, you can choose Ifex Express Logistics. Also, you are expected to arrive an hour prior to departure as there is no grace period for late travelers.

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Why Choose Ifesinachi Transport?

Customers receive top-notch services from Ifesinachi Transport. The company uses completely air-conditioned buses that provide free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and a smooth ride for customers. In order to prevent any physical touch between passengers, the bus seats have also been specially built. This is a distinguishing feature that sets ifesinachi Transport apart from other transportation providers.

By extending the validity of tickets to seven days, they also act in the best interests of the customer. This is advantageous to passengers who miss their bus because they can still board another bus for the subsequent trip.

The welfare of children is a top priority for the Ifesinachi transport firm as well. When consumers make reservations for their children over the phone or in person, they enjoy a considerable discount of 30%. A photocopy of the child(ren)’s form of identification must be shown, and this only applies to kids between the ages of 2 and 10, and the child(ren) must present a photocopy of a valid form of identification.

On A Final Note

For future inquiries, bookings, or complaints, you can contact ifesinachi Transport company through:

  • Customer Care Contact: +2348062081082
  • Facebook :@ifesinachitrans

Or visit any of their terminal addresses to resolve any issues.

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