Driving School Requirements: How to Start Driving School Business (2024)

Starting a driving school business in Nigeria requires a lot of experience and skills in driving. If you are an experienced driver who is capable of teaching other people, you can start a driving school business in Nigeria.

Although, you may need to go through formal training if you haven’t and carry out a lot of registrations before you can run one.

What is a Driving School?

As a result of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) resolutions that anyone who needs to obtain a new driving license must have passed through driving lessons and test at a driving school.

There has been a rise in many driving schools all around where new or potential drivers are taught the ropes of driving. Driving Schools teaches their students road signs and safety, driving behaviors among all other training. See the requirements and cost of obtaining a new driver’s license

The essence of a driving school is to teach individuals how to drive properly without disobeying road traffic signs.

A lot of people would love to learn how to drive a car. Some people who have driven for a long may need refresher training on how to drive again and some may do so because of getting a license.

This makes driving schools lucrative and profitable considering the number of new car owners and potential buyers. As a skilled and experienced driver, you can take advantage of it to start your driving school business in Nigeria.

Are you interested in starting a driving school business in Nigeria? Find out the Driving School requirements, steps, and registration process.

Steps to Start a Driving School in Nigeria

1. Training

Driving on a Nigerian road is risky itself, it is only logical for the FRSC to be strict in regulating driving schools and licenses. Thus, it is very important to undergo formal driving training before you can start a driving business in Nigeria.

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Even if you are an experienced driver or professional, you may still need to undergo formal training to increase your driving skills. Not only that, you need to know how to teach others those skills. Without a proper certificate or proof of being a Driving instructor, you may not be allowed to register your business.

2. Registrations and Licensing

When it comes to driving school business in Nigeria, it is highly regulated by the FRSC, state government, and some other agencies depending on your location.

There is no way you can run a legal driving school business in Nigeria without a license or registration with the FRSC. Therefore, you need to meet their requirements and be allowed to run a driving school business in Nigeria before you can do so. Find below the Driving School requirements approved by the FRSC

Driving School Requirements and Criteria

The following minimum driving school requirements must be met before it can be approved;

  • Good Vehicles (Dual Control)
  • Licensed driving instructor(s)
  • Offices and Classrooms
  • Road/ Traffic rules and regulations
  • Training guide or manual
  • Highway Code
  • Visual or Audiovisual materials
  • Driving garage or open space
  • Road Signs models
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • First Aid Facilities

Apart from the mandatory registration with the FRSC, you also need to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and sometimes your state government depending on your location or state practice.

3. Rent a Location/Office

One of the advantages of setting up a driving school business in Nigeria is that it doesn’t require a large space for an office. Depending on your financial capacity, you can decide to rent a small room as an office. Alternatively, you can start from the comfort of your room.

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In all you do, just ensure your driving school is located where your target customers are. Siting your driving school near a busy road or in the middle of a city will be a good decision as it will give you more visibility. Avoid renting a location in a rural area dominated by low-income earners.

Also, you may want to consider furnishing your office space with the necessary materials and luxuries depending on your budget. Tables, Chairs, Writing Boards, Road Signs, Driving rules and regulations guides, and computers may be needed.

4. Get Driving School Vehicles

Of course, a driving school training car or a vehicle is one of the requirements for setting up a driving school business in Nigeria. Getting a good quality driving car is very important for your business. Although, it doesn’t have to be the fancy type but must be simple to use.

You must consider your student, especially those who want to learn how to drive from the scratch. So, buying a manual transmission vehicle is enough to run a driving school business in Nigeria. If you have enough capital, you can buy 1 manual transmission vehicle and 1 automatic transmission vehicle.

5. Promotion and Advertising

Once you have all these in place,  the next thing is to start offering quality services to your customers and students. Giving quality services by teaching effectively is a form of advertising and promotion on its own. Ever heard of referral marketing, this is capable of landing a lot of customers.

You should also consider placing your business signposts in strategic places and roads far from your business sites. Making use of social media and printing flyers are also ways to attract new clients to your business.

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Driving School Registration Process in Nigeria

To obtain approval for your driving school business, you need to meet at least the minimum requirements listed above. After meeting all you can then visit their office for registration and the following steps will follow

  • Filling out the registration form and submission
  • Inspection and assessment of the necessary documents, materials, and location
  • Issuing of certification and approval of your driving business school.
  • See how to apply for tinted permits in Nigeria

Final Thoughts on Driving School Business in Nigeria

No doubt, the Driving school business in Nigeria is very lucrative especially if situated in a good location. You can charge as high as N10,000 for a client depending on your location and the level of skills needed.

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