How to Start a Haulage Business In Nigeria (2024)

In this post, we will look at how to start a haulage business in Nigeria. Haulage is simply the business activity of carrying containers of products from one location to another by road or rail. Whatever form of transportation you choose, please continue reading to learn more about this marketing initiative.

How To Start a Haulage Business In Nigeria

In a country where products and services are in high demand, necessitating the services of haulage firms, the need for additional haulage enterprises in Nigeria arises.

Both new and established firms require logistics solutions to transfer their items from their manufacturing locations to merchants and end-users.

Haulage service is a very successful business endeavor, and if you want to enter into this line of work, we recommend that you study the material in this article to learn the required steps to take.


The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to start a haulage business in Nigeria :


The first thing you must realize when entering into the haulage industry in Nigeria, as in any other area of the world, is that the haulage business is broad, and you must pick which aspect of the business you want to specialize in.

As previously said, this company entails delivering many sorts of products in commercial quantities, so you must determine if you want to specialize in building materials, electronics, or any other type of commodities.

This will help you focus on what you need to accomplish to start your haulage business and the kind of clientele you’ll be working with. While deciding on a chosen haulage company niche, you should understand what your line of business is, who your target market is, if you need the services of other drivers, if you can go along a specific route, and so on.

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Once all of this is in place, you may select whether you want to use road or rail transportation for your business. There are numerous things to perform in the haulage industry; to get started, you simply need to settle on a certain service and stick to it.


If you want to operate a haulage business in Nigeria without being bothered by the government, you need to register your company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Choose a distinct business name, then select whether you want to operate your haulage firm as a single proprietor or as a limited liability company, and register your company appropriately.

For additional information on how to register your business, go to the CAC. You might also hire a skilled lawyer for this reason.


In Nigeria, starting and running a haulage business is prohibitively expensive. In reality, it is a significant danger.

Before embarking on your adventure into this line of work, you should project the cash necessary for beginning and running your firm, as well as maintaining your cars depending on the number you intend to acquire, in your business plan.

Once you’ve decided how much cash you’ll need, you’ll know if you should buy brand-new or slightly used automobiles.

New trailers cost between N10 million and N20 million, while secondhand trailers cost between N6 million and N8 million. You may also choose to buy their pieces individually and have them refurbished by a reputable technician.

When purchasing vehicles, make certain that they can navigate Nigerian roads, are simple to maintain, and do not consume excessive amounts of fuel.

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Other criteria, such as legal elements of your firm, taxes, and insurance, must be met. You will also need to select how many vehicles you will need for your haulage firm and get the necessary driving licenses for as many drivers as you will need for your vehicles.

If the drivers you’re hiring all have licenses for the specific cars you want them to drive, you may skip this step.

Other items needed to run the firm should be put in place as well. Attempt to ensure your vehicles, which should be trailers and heavy-duty vehicles because they transport containers so that you are not out of pocket if an unanticipated event occurs.


After you’ve raised your cash, you’ll need to select how you want to run your haulage business in Nigeria. In this sort of firm, there are three types of operation.

You have the option of operating as an independent firm, a contractor/subcontractor, or a leasing company. Depending on your financial situation, whichever option works best for you is acceptable.

If you wish to operate as an independent haulage company where you are the single proprietor who supports the firm, you may do so by hiring drivers, locating customers and clients, and handling everything related to your haulage business on your own.

You are in charge of the day-to-day operations of the company. This form of operation for a haulage company might be pretty difficult because you will need to be trustworthy enough to have contracts given to your firm.

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Those who wish to work as contractors/subcontractors can join forces with a larger firm that will manage your cars and drivers. This firm will give you a portion of the profits earned by the business at a specific period.

This method of operation is subject to specific terms and conditions that you must follow and that will be provided to you by the firm with which you are registering.

If you wish to run a leasing firm, you’ll need to lease your vehicles to a haulage company. It is similar to being a contractor/subcontractor in that you will rent your trucks to the company and receive a percentage of profit as agreed, but it differs from the contractor/subcontractor mode of operation in that you will retain control of your trucks and will be responsible for their maintenance.


Once everything is in order, you may start your haulage business. You will need to hire competent individuals to work with, from your human resource workers to your administrative staff, marketing personnel, and even your drivers.

You can’t afford to hire people who will damage your company before it even gets off the ground. To avoid problems, make certain that everyone gets compensated appropriately.

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That is all you need to know on step by step guide to start a haulage business in Nigeria and attain success.

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