How To Sell Your Car In Nigeria Legally And Easily (2024)

What processes do you need to go through to sell your car in Nigeria legally and easily?

In Nigeria, selling an automobile is somewhat commonplace, and there are several causes for this. Most likely, you outgrew it, bought a newer one, or just need the money. However, if you don’t understand how to go about it, selling your vehicle legally and quickly could seem like a challenging undertaking.

You run the chance of falling victim to con artists, waiting months without seeing any sales, or perhaps having to sell it for much less than it is actually worth. No matter what kind or type of car you wish to sell, selling it privately involves planning and delicacy.

In this piece, you’ll find a detailed explanation of all the steps on how to sell your car in Nigeria legally and easily. Read on to find out.

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How To Sell Your Car In Nigeria

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Here, we have provided a simple and trustworthy strategy on how to sell your car in Nigeria as efficiently as possible with minimal to no risks:

Step One: Ensure Your Car Is In Good Condition

The first step in how to sell your car in Nigeria is to examine the vehicle’s condition. That means you have to give the car a thorough inspection and make any necessary adjustments or repairs. For instance, if the automobile has previously been scratched, you might need to perform a paint job or make repairs to the engine to ensure it’s in the finest possible shape. The market value of the car will rise as a result.

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Step Two: Find Out The Value Of The Car

You may require the advice of a car sales specialist to do this. The value of the car may be tough for you to determine on your own; as a result, you may decide to set the price considerably higher or lower, which will have an impact on sales.

A nearby mechanic may serve as the specialist, assist with the repairs, and aid in finding a buyer. They assist you in making the most competitive offer on the car up for sale.

Step Three: Online Advertisement

Online advertising’s impact cannot be disregarded in the computer age. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other popular social media sites, you can post adverts.

You might also post your vehicle on a website that is well-known for buying and selling cars in Nigeria for a greater impact. It is advisable to include high-quality images of your car in the web advertisement as this will help to draw in potential consumers.

Step Four: Show Your Car

Checking out a car
How to sell your car in Nigeria

Before making a purchase, the majority of prospective purchasers would probably want to examine the vehicle in person, give it a test drive, and ensure that it is in good condition. Inspec­tion is what this is. They frequently follow their mechanic around to do a comprehensive inspection.

You must now be open and honest when responding to inquiries about the vehicle, including “What issues are there with the vehicle?” and “Why are you selling the vehicle,” among others. The potential customers may be encouraged to buy the car by your openness.

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Step Five: Negotiate The Price With The Prospective Buyer

An eager bidder will now make an offer, which is what happens following the inspection. Frequently, they would inquire about your most recent price or budget.

Your asking price must then be compared to their budget, and you must decide if it is reasonable for you. In the event that it doesn’t, you can make further concessions to them by mentioning the car’s good offerings. Up until a mutual agreement is reached, this would continue.

Step Six: Selling Your Car

sell your car in Nigeria
How to sell your car in Nigeria

The processes involved while trying to sell your car in Nigeria legally and conveniently comes to a close with this. You can sell your automobile and finish the essential legal exchange and documentation if you and the buyer have reached an understanding regarding the state of the car and the amount to be paid without any misunderstanding. such as the issuance of a receipt and a change in the ownership of a vehicle.


It should be clear after reading the following six simple steps that selling an automobile is simple and shouldn’t take as long as it does.

Anyone who is unwilling to handle the sale of their car on their own might hire the assistance of a professional, typically a technician, to help them with the process of marketing and negotiating the price. He must be compensated with a set sum or portion of the car’s price, nevertheless.

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