Guardian Coach Online Booking, Bus Tickets, Fares, Contacts, And Offices

Guardian Coach online booking
Guardian Coach Online Booking, Contacts, Routes, Fares, Bus Tickets, Offices, And Contacts

What are the Guardian Coach online booking procedures? How may I get in touch with the company? How much is charged to travel through this particular route? All these are addressed in this piece.

A Kenyan firm that transports people by road operates under the name Guardian Coach, also referred to as the Guardian Angel Coach.

At Guardian Coach, they work on projects for public transportation. They can plan and create routes, schedules, and frequency, train and evaluate crew members’ performance, and manage all aspects of our bus operations for the transportation of people or products.

You must read the article below to learn more about this transport company and how to use their services.

Guardian Coach: All You Need To Know

A Kenyan enterprise called Guardian Coach is involved in the transportation of both people and products around the country. It has always offered high-quality services for road transportation.

Ong’era Maturi, a late business mogul, founded the transportation industry. Guardian Coach began with just three buses, as did other road transportation businesses, but has since grown steadily as a result of the excellent services it provides, as well as its knowledge and dependability. It has expanded to include numerous luxury and Scandinavian buses.

With its development into several East African nations like Tanzania and Uganda, the transport company has also taken its operations to a new level.

Guardian Coach provides courier services in addition to passenger transportation. You can send your packages from one location to another using a Guardian Coach bus at a reasonable fee, whether you’re a corporate company or an individual.

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Major Routes Plied By Guardian Coach

Guardian coach travels to many places within Kenya but these are the most popular routes:

  • Kisii 
  • Kisumu 
  • Ugunja 
  • Maseno 
  • Bondo 
  • Nyamira 
  • Migori 
  • Mbale 
  • Kericho 
  • Kakamega 
  • Rongo 
  • Oyugis 
  • Awendo 
  • Sotik 
  • Busia 
  • Narok 
  • Sirare 
  • Bumala 
  • Siaya 
  • Homabay 
  • Keroka and more…

Guardian Coach Fares

Find attached below, a table consisting of the prices of different trips charged by Guardian Coach:

Nairobi to Kisii800
Nairobi to Malaba1200
Nairobi to Homabay1000
Nairobi to Kisumu1200-1600
Nairobi to Kakamega 1200
Nairobi to Siaya1200
Nairobi to Oyugis1000
Nairobi to Busia1200
Guardian Coach online booking, fares and routes

The company’s discretion and a variety of reasons can vary the pricing or charges for the Guardian bus tickets. So, before getting ready for your trip, it is advisable that you contact the company. You may also use our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker to confirm the price.

Services Offered By Guardian Coach

In addition to providing passenger transportation throughout Kenya, Guardian Coach also provides the following services:

Courier Services

At Guardian Coach Transport, they provide cargo services using both trucks and passenger transport buses in order to provide their respected clients with specialized logistical solutions. They transport things for their customers at competitive prices from one site to another.

Guardian Coach Online Booking – Bus Tickets: How To Book Tickets

Guardian Coach offers a website that allows clients to purchase tickets online, just like many other contemporary transportation providers. While there is the option to purchase tickets in advance for clients who prefer it, there is also the option of making a physical booking at any Guardian coach terminal.

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Now, what are the Guardian Coach online booking procedures? The following information will help you make an online reservation with Guardian Coach:

  • Go to the Guardian Bus Online Booking Website.
  • Enter Your Journey details (departure point, arrival town, and travel date).
  • Click on the Search button to see available buses.
  • Click on Book Seats from any of the available buses and select your preferred seat.
  • Proceed to enter passenger details such as full name, phone number, email address e.t.c.
  • Review your departure information and then proceed to payment.
  • Once your payment is successful, you will receive a confirmatory message via SMS or Email showing your ticket. You can now take that to the nearest station for your trip.

Guardian Coach: Office Addresses And Contacts

The following are the several offices that Guardian Coach has:

Office AddressContact
Migori Office 0708007861
Mbale Office0726914334
Homabay Office0708008050
Keroka Office0708006499, 0708006351
Sirare Office0708008057
Bumula Office0708345641
Siaya Office0700752852
Bondo Office0700752853
Rodi Office0708008044
Kijauri Office0708 84617
Busia Office0708345640
Narok Office0705804791
Kericho Office0727545088
Kakamega Office0726915583
Rongo Office0708007866
Oyugis Office0708007899
Awendo Office0708006460
Kisii Office0708008015, 0708008001
Riveroad Office0703204555
Kisumu Office0727544664
Ugunja Office0708345642
Maseno Office0708345689
Guardian Coach Online Booking, Offices And Contacts

Why Choose Guardian Coach?

Customer satisfaction is one of Guardian Coaches’ key goals. In an effort to satisfy consumers’ needs, it provides high-quality facilities. One illustration of these amenities is the layout of the bus seats, which are organized in two-by-two positions to give passengers greater legroom and make the bus comfortable for both long and short rides.

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Air conditioning systems, sound systems, televisions, free Wi-Fi, and charging outlets are a few of the entertainment features aboard the buses operated by Guardian Coach.

These amenities are offered to make the journey more comfortable for the passengers, and guess what? They are reasonably priced.

The transportation provider also makes sure that the passengers are safe. The bus drivers have received thorough training and are instructed in Kenyan traffic laws and regulations. To reduce the chance of accidents, the drivers are also not permitted to go beyond a specific speed limit.


This piece has discussed all you need to know about Guardian Coach online booking procedures, bus ticket prices and how to book them routes the company plies and credible reasons why transport with them should be a plus for you.

You can see from the preceding section that Guardian Coach offers high-caliber services. They provide plenty of entertainment options and enough leg room, so traveling with them is sure to be fun.

The Guardian Coach customer care may be reached in the following ways if you want to use their services to transport items to other locations:

  • Headquarters: Railways, River road Opp. Barclays Bank View Plaza, Ground Floor, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Email: info@theguardiancoach
  • Phone number: 0722221290, 0726511628

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