Efex Transport Price List, Terminals, Bookings, And Contacts

Efex Transport, also widely recognized as Efosa Express, is a renowned road transportation company in Nigeria. This company facilitates the movement of people across nations, states, and cities. It passes through several West African nations, including Ghana, Togo, and the Benin Republic.

Due to its reputation for placing a priority on customer comfort, it is recognized as a reliable transportation provider. With the availability of good, clean buses, air conditioners, and well-organized and qualified employees, it offers luxury at affordable costs.

The transport company also provides services like bus leasing, hotel lodging, and international courier services.

Continue reading to find out more about this transportation business, its rates, terminals, and services.

Efex Transport
Efex Transport Price List, Terminals, Bookings And Contacts

Efex Transport: All You Need To Know

One of the top transportation services in Nigeria and many neighboring West African nations is provided by Efosa Express, sometimes known as Efex Transport. The 2004-founded transportation business has expanded to take part in the transport of people and products between nations and states. Togo, Ghana, the Benin Republic, and Cote D’voire are just a few of the places it sends passengers.

Although the identity of the owner of Efex is unknown, Engineer Isaac I. Uhunmwagbo, who has been in charge of the business for a while, is the current leader. The current headquarters of Efex Transport Company is situated at 77/78 Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

One of the most reliable transportation firms in Nigeria is Efex Transport Company, which has helped make traveling by road more enjoyable and exciting for its customers. This transportation provider is renowned for being respectable and opulent while offering its clients the comfort they require to make their trip joyful.

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They offer the greatest experience while providing their clients with high-quality services. They also make sure that their drivers and employees are competent, structured, well-trained, and ethical.

Efex Transport: Updated Price List

Here’s an updated price list of Efex Transport in recent times:

LagosBenin (A/C bus)₦3,150
LagosAsaba/Onitsha (A/C bus)₦3,600
LagosAccra (Regular Passport)₦16,650
LagosAccra (Virgin Passport)₦18,450
LagosCotonou (one-way regular passport)₦14,400
LagosCotonou (one way ID card)₦18,900
LagosCotonou (one-way virgin passport)₦16,200
LagosLome (Regular Passport)₦16,200
LagosLome (virgin Passport)₦18,000
LagosLome (ID card)₦20,700
BeninLagos(A/C bus)₦3,150
BeninAccra (One-way Regular passport)₦22,950
BeninAccra (Virgin Passport)₦24,300
BeninAccra (one way ID card)₦27,000
AsabaLagos (A/C bus)₦3,150
AccraLagos (Regular passport)₦16,200
AccraLagos (Virgin passport)₦18,000
AccraLagos (ID card)₦20,700

Please use our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker to check the prices of routes not stated here.

Efex Transport: Services Rendered

In addition to offering interstate and international transportation services, Efex Transport also offers the following services:

Delivery Services

The courier service provided by Efex Transport is the delivery of clients’ packages to various locations. All you have to do to ensure the delivery of your goods safely is make a reservation for their service at any of the ports.

Bus Rental

For reasonable rates, Efex Transport Company also rents out its buses for events like tours and excursions. Additionally, they make use of their buses for transportation to and from weddings, airports, and other events.

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Hospitality and Hotels

Efex Transport
Efex hotel

Additionally, the company offers lodging through its different hotel branches. In order to prepare for your next vacation, you can reserve their service, or you can unwind before starting your adventure. Their accommodations are cozy and soothing, tailored to varied tastes.

Efex Transport: Terminals And Contacts

Here are several locations, within and outside Nigeria, where Efex Transport customer service representatives are found;

Asaba Terminal (Delta)Ibusa road, Koka Junction, Asaba, Delta08150466495
IkoroduUnlimited Grace Plaza, 33, Sagamu Road, opposite Powa Market, Ikorodu, Lagos., Ikorodu, Lagos08150466525
IkotunNo. 1 Dalekon Road, Ikotun round-about, Ikotun, Lagos, Ikotun, Lagos08150466514
Iyana-Ipaja Terminal (Lagos)174, Lagos Abeokuta Expressway, Iyana Ipaja, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos08150466496
Iyaro Terminal (Edo)4, Urubi street, Iyaro Benin city. , Iyaro-benin, Edo08150466488
Mile 2mile 2 general park , Amuwo-odofin, Lagos08150466515
Mowe Terminal (Ogun)Km 42, Ibadan Expressway Mowe Bus stop, Mowe-Ibafo, Ogun08150466491
Ojodu Berger Terminal (Lagos)Ojodu berger bustop, Ojodu Berger, Lagos08150466427
Ojota Terminal (Lagos)416 Ikorodu Road, Ojota bus stop, Ojota, Lagos08150466519
Owerri Terminal (Imo)Egbu road, Bestway before relief junction, Owerri. , Owerri, Imo08150466478
Ramat Terminal (Edo)Ramat Park, Ikpoba Hill, Benin-city , Ramat-benin, Edo08150466486
Umuahia2 Item street, Umuwaya road, Umuahia., Umuahia, Abia08035921515
Uselu Terminal (Edo)Efex 02, 96 Uselu-Lagos Road, Benin-city , Uselu-benin, Edo08150466487
Yaba Terminal77/78 Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Yaba, Lagos08150466512
Accra Terminal (Ring Road, Ghana)Ring Road express, silver cup Bustop, opposite Paloma hotel, Accra, Greater Accra+233545567306

Traveling With Efosa Express: Booking Tickets

You must reserve tickets in order to use the Efex transport services. Tickets can be purchased on the company’s official website or at various terminals. Here is information on using the website to purchase tickets:

  • Go to http://efex.com.ng, the official website of Efex transport.
  • Enter all the information about your trip and your personal information. This information contains your name, home city, date, phone number, and email address. Also, specify if it is a round-trip or one-way voyage.
  • Select the next button to see your already-filled information. Verify further to rule out any errors.
  • Select your preferred method of payment and continue to complete your transaction.
  • After sending your payment via email, confirm it. Make careful to save the confirmation message because you’ll need it to print your ticket.
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NOTE: Passports and ID cards must be brought with you when leaving the nation since an immigration officer will check them. Nevertheless, because Efex Executive Transport is a respected firm, it is less difficult and relatively simple.

Why Choose Efex Transport?

There are several factors to take into account when deciding which of the many transport providers to hire, including comfort, safety, and cost. Efosa Express takes pride in offering its customers opulent and comfortable transportation at reasonable rates.

Efosa Express is renowned for offering comfort to its customers. The majority of passengers use Efosa express primarily for this reason. Regardless of how far you are traveling, their buses are often comfy, allowing you to unwind. Additionally, the buses have air conditioning.

Another well-known transportation firm in and outside of Nigeria is Efosa Express. It is in use in many west African nations, including Ghana, Togo, and the Benin Republic.

It is a well-established business that has undergone testing and is still widely trusted. This demonstrates that the business offers high-quality services.

Additionally, this business offers reliable buses for traveling. Since the company attempts to make client happiness the cornerstone of its business, its buses are rarely notorious for having problems while operating on the road. The drivers have received thorough training in adhering to traffic laws. The buses are always spotless as well.

The Efex Transport Company is aware of how crucial it is for clients to have easy access to its services. Because of this, the company offers a very straightforward and hassle-free way to purchase travel tickets, even if you have never used them before.

On A Final Note

For further inquiries, questions, and complaints among other reasons, here are various modes of contacting this prestigious transport company:

  • Telephone/WhatsApp: 2349078587207
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efexe/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Headquarters: 77/78 Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Bus Rentals hotline: 08023134121
  • Ghana Booking/ Desk: 08073283002, 08077790262
  • General EFEX Executive Hotel Reservation: 08058697393

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