Easy Coach Online Booking Of Tickets, Contacts, Fares And Stations

Easy Coach online booking
Easy Coach Online Booking

What are the Easy Coach online booking procedures? How may I travel with this company? How may I get in touch with any of the Easy Coach customer service providers? Find all of these answers embedded in this article.

One of the top transportation businesses in Kenya is Easy Coach. It provides passenger and courier services between Nairobi and towns and cities in the upcountry. From Nairobi to Western Kenya, the firm offers dependable and timed bus service. Additionally, the transport firm offers passenger service from Kenya to Kampala, Kampala, Uganda, and Malaba, Busia.

Read the article below to learn more about the Easy Coach online booking procedures, its services, main routes, contact numbers, and much more.

Easy Coach: All You Need To Know

Easy Coach
Easy Coach Online Booking

Due to the high calibre of services it provides, Easy Coach is among the most renowned transportation providers in Kenya. It has a reputation for offering its clients services that are dependable, safe, and comfortable.

With all the amenities the vehicles have, Easy Coach also provides exquisite services. Because its buses have a 2 by 2 seat configuration, these buses can travel both short and long distances. The result is that the passengers now have plenty of legroom.

In order to keep passengers occupied throughout the journey, buses are also furnished with television services and music systems. Furthermore, the vehicles have free Wi-Fi access. All of this is done to make sure that every consumer is satisfied and may purchase goods at reasonable costs.

Major Routes Plied by the Easy Coach Transport Company

The transport company goes across many locations within Kenya, however, below is a list of some major Routes being plied.

  • Nairobi
  • Kisumu
  • Maseno
  • Malaba
  • Mumias
  • Kakamega
  • Mbale
  • Bungoma
  • Usenge
  • Kapsabet
  • Migori
  • Rongo
  • Sirare
  • Ugunja
  • Siaya and so on.
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Easy Coach Offices

The addresses to the various Easy Coach offices in Kenya are found in the table below:

Webuye Station738200321
Siaya Station0738200304
Ugunja Station738200324
Bungoma Office738200310
Narok Station736141333
Usenge Station738200316
Kakamega OfficeTelephone: 0738200313
Fax: 05630837
Malaba Station738999705
Mbale StationTelephone: 0738999704
Fax: 05651487
Kaimosi Office738200323
Sirare Station736046132
Migori Station736046143
Rongo Station738200083
Kericho Station052 20417
Kisii Station736046164
Maseno Station057351216
Kisumu StationTelephone(s): 0738200317, 0738999703, 0726354307
Fax: 057 2026136
Mumias StationTelephone(s): 0738200318/9
Fax: 056641361
Kitale StationTelephone(s): 0738200309, 0726354309
Fax: 054 30066
Busia OfficeTelephone(s): 0738200315, 05523098
Fax: 0532030411
Moi’s Bridge Station732538253
Nakuru StationTelephone(s): 0738200312, 0726354312, 0726354303, 0738200303
Fax: 051 2211500
Kampala Office+256776727270
Bumala Office789366996
Eldoret Office0738200308
Nairobi OfficeTelephone(s): 0738200301, 0726354301, 0202210711
Fax: 0202210712
Bondo Office738200316
Kapsabet Station0738200322
Easy Coach Online Booking

Easy Coach Fares: Ticket Prices Per Journey

The prices for each route that this road transport company takes are found below.

Maseno to Nairobi1400
Kisumu to Nairobi1400
Usenge to Nairobi1350
Mbale to Nairobi1400
Nairobi to Siaya1,450
Nairobi to Busia1,500
Nairobi to Maseno1,400
Rongo to Nairobi950
Nairobi to Sirare950
Nairobi to Kericho1,100
Nairobi to Kaimosi1,200
Nairobi to Mumias1,450
Malaba to Nairobi1400
Nairobi to Kakamega1,450
Kitale to Nairobi1350
Homa Bay to Nairobi950
Nairobi to Kisumu1,400
Easy Coach Online Booking, Fares, Tickets and Contacts

Please refer to our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker to confirm these prices as they are flexible ones that may change at any point in time.

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Easy Coach Online Booking and Reservations

You must purchase your tickets in order to enjoy any of the services provided by the Easy Coach transportation company. There are numerous ways to purchase tickets, including visiting any terminal or getting in touch with the transportation provider. What are the procedures for Easy Coach online booking of tickets?

Bus tickets can be reserved online via the official website of the Easy Coach transport company. Many individuals choose this method of booking because it is the most practical. The steps for the Easy Coach online booking of tickets are outlined below:

  • Visit Buupas.com on an internet-accessible device.
  • Click on the ticket booking tab
  • Search for Easy Coach amongst the listed Transport companies
  • Click on it and fill in your travelling details such as the departure location and date as well as the destination.
  • Select a seat from any of the available seats which are usually in Orange
  • Enter your travellers’ details such as your name, phone number, email address, passport number e.t.c.
  • Proceed to pay with Mpesa
  • You will receive your tickets through an email or SMS. Tickets will be presented at the point of travel.

Easy Coach: Other Services Rendered

Apart from the business of transporting individuals from place to place within Kenya, Easy Coach also renders the following services to the public:

Courier Services

Easy Coach provides courier services, which entails moving parcels on behalf of its clients from one place in Kenya to another. Depending on the weight, they transport every kind of package and box for reasonable pricing. For help with the booking procedure, get in touch with Easy Coach Customer Care.

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Vehicle Hire

The Easy Coach Transport Company owns a large fleet of vehicles that are available for inexpensive rentals to both individuals and groups. You can hire any of the Easy Coach vehicles if you’re a school taking children on a trip, someone travelling to an event, or a tour operator seeking a way to transport his tourists. Isn’t it intriguing that you can hire them on a permanent basis or only once?

Final Note

Among the top road transportation businesses in Kenya is Easy Coach. It has continuously been offering its customers secure and trustworthy services over time. Many people choose it as their first pick because it has an internet presence and booking system.

Now that you know the Easy Coach online booking procedures, ticket prices and addresses to every one of its bus stations, please contact the Easy Coach customer care representative for more information, complaints, or booking processes via the following means:

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