Eagle Liner Online Booking, Tickets, Prices And Contact Details

Eagle Liner vehicle
Eagle Liner Online Booking, Offices and Contacts

Ever wanted to know how the Eagle Liner firm operated? Want to know the Eagle Liner online booking procedures? In South Africa, it is a well-known transport firm. It facilitates the circulation of people between different locations along South African roadways. Even outside of South Africa, in places like Zimbabwe, it carries people. Many people turn to it because of the high-quality services it provides.

Are you thinking of taking a trip? Then Eagle Liner might be the way to go. Everything you need to know about the transportation company, its terminals, reservation procedures, contact information, and more is provided here.

Eagle Liner: All You Need To Know

Eagle Liner online booking
Eagle Liner Online Booking, Offices and Contacts

One of South Africa’s most well-known transportation firms, Eagle Liner was founded in 2005. It provides passenger transportation to and from a variety of areas both inside and outside the nation, including Zimbabwe. Similar to other companies, it began small but has now expanded to operate in over 900 cities and have over 900 vehicles.

Your experience with Intercity Express is important to the Transport firm, and they want it to be joyful as possible. They provide 50-seater coaches that are dependable, safe, and comfortable for passengers.

Every bus in the Eagle Liner fleet has two by two reclining seats, onboard restrooms, a radio, DVD player, climate control, and 24/7 satellite tracking to monitor the drivers’ and passengers’ safety at all times. Convenience is ensured with Eagle Liner.

Major Routes Plied by Eagle Liner

Though the Eagle Liner plies many routes with its numerous luxurious coaches, here is a list of the major routes being plied; 

  • Gauteng to Durban
  • Gauteng to Ulundi
  • Gauteng to Bulawayo
  • Gauteng to Harare
  • Harare to Bulawayo
  • Marondera to Harare or Musina
  • Bindura to Harare or Musina
  • Harare to Gweru
  • Johannesburg To Durban
  • Johannesburg to Ladysmith
  • Johannesburg to Bulawayo
  • Johannesburg to Harare
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Eagle Liner Offices and Travel Agencies

Eagle Liner has several offices within and outside South Africa. The company also partners with a number of travel agencies within the nation. Find information regarding each of these offices and agencies below.

Eagle Liner Offices

Eagle Liner has two major countries where its offices are found. These countries are its home country, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. The tables below show the addresses and contacts to the various offices the company has in the two countries:

Eagle Liner Offices in South Africa

Durban Office1 Jelf Taylor Crescent, Mashabalala Yengwe Avenue~Telephone: 0313059090, 0632578299
~E-mail: [email protected]
Heidelberg OfficeCaltex garage, Old Durban Road0163413083, 0825037498
Head OfficePlot 5, 1st avenue, Unaville AH 18280871501895, 0632578400
Johannesburg Park OfficePark Station Upper Level, Park City0113331328, 0605771856
Pretoria OfficeBosman station, Scheilding Street
~Telephone: 0123261151, 0605771836
~E-mail: [email protected]
Pietermaritzburg OfficeCorner of Comercial and Burger Street, Mc Donald Centre0333452250, 0605771879
South Coast Office (Margate)The tourism office, 1 Panorama parade, Margate Beachfront0393174628, 00716987471
Tambo International AirportBus Terminus, Coach Terminal0113903798, 0605771840
Eagle Liner online booking, offices, agencies and contacts

Eagle Liner Offices in Zimbabwe

Bulawayo Office5th Ave. George Silundika~Telephone: 00263 979 812
~E-mail: [email protected]
Harare Office5th Ave. Robert Mugabe Way Roadport~Telephone: 00263 472 8315
~Email: [email protected]
Eagle Liner online booking, offices, agencies and contacts

Eagle Liner Travel Agencies

Find the list of the travel agencies associated with Eagle Liner, as well as the addresses and contacts of each of them, attached to the table below:

Flight Specials Penta Travel Agency3, Scheepers Street, Tower City Building, 23020176343117, 0176343127
South Coast Tourism Shelly Beach OfficeShop 102b Shelly Centre Marine Drive, Shelly Beach 42650393155168, 0865153875
Travel Rox/ Flight Specials MiddelburgWonderpark Business Centre Church Street, Middelburg0132822201, 0132822202
Travel Rox, WitbankShop 106, Highveld Mall, Mandela Road, Witbank0136924841, 0136970113
Sheppie Travel Shop 4A, Oribi Plaza, Port Shepstone0396825301, 0396825409
Port Edward TourismCnr Owen & Ellis Drive, inside Library Building0393111211
XL Astra Travel, Pietermaritzburg35 Alan Paton Road PMB, Scottsville0333423633, 0333424663
Howick Travel CC64 Main Street Howick 32900333302193, 0333303808
Sure Travel SetWebsite: www.suretravel.co.za/agency0163492661, 0865003634
Hibberdene TourismMain Beach, Hibberdene0396993203
Docex Tourism27 Sentinel Witbank, Rivercrescent Centre, Shop 9, Cnr Bethal/Mandela Ave0136566536, 0136565238
Louise Alberts9 Colley Street, Port Shepstone0396823259, 0396823257
Eagle Liner online booking, offices, agencies and contacts

Eagle Liner Online Booking: Purchasing Tickets

To make use of the services offered by the Eagle Liner transport company, you need to book their tickets. Tickets can be booked in the following ways:

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Via Eagle Liner Offices

You can visit any of the eagle liner bus Terminals on the day of your departure to get your tickets. It is usually easy and stress-free.

Via The Eagle Liner Website

With the advent of technology, many transport companies have established an online presence that allows passengers access to Online bookings. It is easier and allows potential passengers to know the prices and schedules of the trip beforehand. 

Booking online with Eagle Liner is quite easy; Visit the Eagle Liner website to get started. Fill in your travelling details and pay with your cards whether Visa or Mastercard to complete your bookings.

Via Travel Agencies

With Eagle Liner, you can also book with travel agencies. It is quite similar to the booking of tickets at the offices, you can book Eagle Liner tickets with any of their recognized travel agencies. You can visit any of these agencies or call their number to book a ticket.

Why Choose Eagle Liner?

Eagle liner online booking of tickets
Eagle Liner Online Booking

Aiming to provide its customers with the best services possible, the eagle liner transport company is very thoughtful. Seniors, students, and young children (between the ages of 3 and 12) all receive price breaks from the transportation business.

Pensioners, students, and children all receive discounts during busy times, with youngsters receiving a 15% discount. Children receive a 20% discount, while seniors, students, and those in the military receive a 10% discount at off-peak times. A complimentary ticket is provided for children under three years old.

You can also accrue Eagle Liner points, which can then be used to receive savings on future travel. The business uses points as its unit of measurement; for example, 5 points equate to R100 – R150, 10 points to R151 – R200, and so on. In most cases, the points can be redeemed for cash and eventually converted to rands. In order to take advantage of this discount, begin travelling with Eagle Line right now and collect points.

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With properly educated drivers and coaches that are in excellent condition, The Eagle Liner is likewise concerned with assuring the safety of its passengers. In order to track the movement and speed at all times and prevent any kind of casualties, the vehicles of the transport firm are also tracked.

Final Thoughts

The Eagle Liner is a luxurious transport company that has grown over the years due to the good quality of services it offers. The services are affordable, and you still have the opportunity to get discounts and earn points. They also ensure that passengers are safe. What more could you ask for?

This piece has discussed the Eagle Liner online booking procedures, offices, travel agencies, why you should travel with the company, contact information and of course, other ways of booking tickets with travel with the company. For more enquiries, booking of tickets, information and complaints, contact the Eagle Liner custom care via:

  • Physical Address: Plot 5, 1st avenue, Unaville AH 1828
  • E-mail Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +2787 150 1895, +2763 257 8400, +2786 239 0324

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