Delta Line Transport Price List, Terminals, Bookings, And Contacts

Delta Line Transport is a Nigerian transport company that engages in the movement of people and goods from one place to another; intracity and interstate.

Nigeria is a vast nation with a sizable population, and land travel is the preferred mode of travel. This has led to the emergence of numerous transportation enterprises. Although there are many good ones, Delta Line is among the best transport businesses in Nigeria. In Delta State, where it was created, it is particularly the best and most popular transport firm.

Delta Line Transport

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Delta Line Transport: All You Need To Know

One of the oldest transportation firms in Nigeria, Delta Line Transport has been around for almost forty years. Although the business had a different name when it first began, it has since developed and gone through a number of transformational stages in order to achieve the quality objective of offering a reliable transportation system.

Up until 1991, the business was known as Bendel Line before changing its name to Delta Line. The corporate office is located at 42 Asaba Road in Delta State, Nigeria. In 2018, Delta State, the state from which the business originated, supported it through the leadership of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa.

This prompted the decision to form a public-private partnership with GTDC, a privately-owned transport development company with a track record of success. This decision has produced positive results, elevating the business to the top of Delta State’s best transport companies.

The transport company frequently uses the following vehicles for transportation:

  • Toyota Hiace
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Toyota Jet Mower.
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Delta Line Transport: Updated Price List

Here’s an updated price list of this transportation company:

Iyana-Ipaja (Kpako)

From Iyana-Ipaja(Kpako):Price(₦)
Delta (Asaba-Koka)₦8,000
Delta (Warri)₦8,000


From Ajegunle to:Price()


From Onitsha to:Price(₦)
Abuja (Jabi)₦6,500
Delta (Sapele)₦2,500
Delta (Warri)₦2,000
Edo (Benin city)₦1,500
Lagos (Jibowu)₦5,500


From Asaba-koka to:Price()
Lagos(Mile 2)₦8,000


From Jabi to:Price (₦)
Asaba Loading Bay₦10,000
Delta (Aghor)₦10,000
Delta (Warri)₦11,000
Edo (Benin City)₦11,000

Asaba Loading Bay

From Asaba Loading Bay to:Price(₦)


From Issele-Uku to:Price(₦)
Lagos(Jibowu)₦ 8,000


From Jibowu to:Price(₦)
Delta (Kwale)₦8,000

Other routes plied by this company are:

Agbor – Abuja₦8,700
Ogwashiuku – Lagos₦7,000

Use our Tpcost Transport Cost Checker to confirm these prices before making attempts for payment.

Delta Line Motors: Services Offered

The Delta Line transportation company provides a wide range of services in addition to interstate and intracity human transit. They consist of:

Vehicle Leasing

You can request automobile rental services for any journey you like, at any time, with the vehicle of your choosing from those provided by the organization.

Logistics and Courier Services

The business also transports things from one location to another.

Delta Line Transport: Terminal Addresses And Contacts

This section contains specific locations within Nigeria where Delta Line Transport terminals are found.

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Asaba Terminal Delta Line Transport Service, 169, Nnebisi Road, Isieke, Asaba, Nigeria09062910241
Agbor TerminalDelta Line Transport Service, Asaba-Agbor Highway/Asaba Benin Lagos Expy/Benin-Asaba Hwy/A232, Delta, Nigeria   0906 276 5515
   Mile 2 TerminalGhana Park, Mile 2, Lagos, Nigeria09062765514
Warri TerminalDelta Line Transport Service, 230 P.T.I Rd, Effurun, Warri, Nigeria09062910241
Jabi TerminalDelta Line Transport Services Limited, Tunde Idiagbon Street, Utako, Abuja, Nigeria  [email protected]
Jibowu Terminal1, Edmund Crescent By Jibowu Bus Stop, Beside Road Safety Corps Office, Jibowu St, behind Eagle Transport, Yaba, Lagos[email protected]
Onitsha Main-Market TerminalDelta Line Substation, Asaba Umuagu, Nigeria[email protected]
Iyana-Ipaja TerminalDelta Line Transport Service,  Pako Bus stop, Dopemu under bridge Lagos, Nigeria 08077848059

Traveling With Delta Line Transport: Booking Tickets

There are numerous ways to order tickets from this transportation provider. You can do this by going to the terminals, using the Delta Line mobile app, or going to the business’s main website.

Making a reservation on the website:

  • Open a browser and go to, the official Delta Line website.
  • After clicking “Book a Ticket,” a form will appear. Fill it out one field at a time.
  • Decide whether it will be a round-trip or one-way trip.
  • Choose your desired seat, then continue.
  • Use your ATM card to make the payment.

Your ticket will be generated and made accessible for usage after successful payment.

Why Choose Delta Line Transport?

Here are a few factors you might want to take into account when choosing a transportation provider:

In order to effectively provide top-notch transportation services to Delta Line customers, Delta Line places a high priority on the safety of its passengers. To this end, the company hires the best employees and trains them to operate in accordance with company policies.

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Another thing to note about Delta Line is that it completely utilizes technology, such as the ability to order tickets online and the existence of the Delta Line Mobile app, to help with service delivery and continually provide commuters affordable rates.

The company also gives commuters the option to choose their own seats if they have certain preferences for where they sit while traveling. The transportation company also rents out its vehicles for special occasions and events.

Consequently, it offers services beyond only facilitating the movement of people and products.

On A Final Note

You can get in touch with Delta Line Customer Care if you have any additional questions, concerns, or inquiries. They are typically accessible when needed.

Here are details of their customer service providers if you missed it out in this piece:

  • Head Office: No. 42 Asaba road, Delta State, Nigeria
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone No: 09062910241

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