Cost of Branding Cars, Buses, and Trucks in Nigeria (2024)

If you have been searching for the Cost of Branding cars in Nigeria, then you are on the right post. This post features the current price of Branding Cars, Buses, and Trucks in Nigeria.

Communications services and outdoor media promotions have become widespread in Nigeria today. The most popular form of advertisement in Nigeria currently is vehicle branding or adverts on Transit.

Branded vehicles move from place to place displaying adverts on Transit. These vehicles may be buses, trucks, or commercial cars featuring ideas, information, communication details, and messages to Target audiences.

With the prominence of branding vehicles and buses in Nigeria, we found it thoughtful to make a post on the current cost of branding cars in Nigeria today.

During Elections, campaigns, and brand promotions, branding vehicles and buses in Nigeria becomes very common. This of course would not be free of charge. There is a significant Cost of Branding cars in Nigeria.

The Cost of Branding vehicles in Nigeria or the price of customizing cars, buses, or trucks in Nigeria largely depends on the images or information to be branded and the type of vehicle where the advertisement would be done.

You can either brand vehicles in Nigeria partly or with full coverage. Both types are known as full vehicle branding and partial vehicle branding. Both branding methods have their different costs in Nigeria.

Continue reading through to find out the Cost of Branding vehicles in Nigeria.

Cost of Branding Cars, Buses, and Trucks in Nigeria

How much does it cost to brand or customize vehicles in Nigeria?

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Anyone interested in knowing the cost of brand advertisement, promotions, or campaigns in Nigeria would be very much interested in this post. I’m guessing that is why you opened this page on the first note.

Whatever your reason may be, the purpose of this post was to highlight the Cost of Branding vehicles in Nigeria, how much vehicle branding costs, the different types of vehicles that can be branded in Nigeria, what you need to know when branding your vehicles, and the best vehicle branding companies in Nigeria.

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Cost of Branding Vehicles in Nigeria: Types of Vehicles Branding

In this section, we have detailed the price list of branding or customizing vehicles in Nigeria, the different types of vehicle branding that can be done in Nigeria, and the cost of each type of vehicle branding.

Cost of Branding One-Way Vision Vehicles

One-way vision branding simply means branding only one part of a vehicle. Your target audience would be able to view your advertisements or promotion from just one view in the One-way Vision Vehicle branding. This way they would be focused on just that part of the vehicle.

The Cost of One way Vision Vehicle branding in Nigeria is between N18,000 – N20,000.

Price of Basic Spot Vehicle branding

This is when you brand just a spot of the vehicle. By displaying your adverts, campaigns, or promotions on one spot of a vehicle, you are doing the Basic Spot Vehicle branding.

The cost of Basic Spot Vehicle branding in Nigeria ranges between N25,000 – N30,000

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Cost of Spot Graphic Vehicle Branding In Nigeria

This is just like a union of the Basic Spot Vehicle branding and One-way Vision Vehicle branding. What you do in the Spot Graphic Vehicle Branding is to brand different spots and areas of the vehicles with your promotional materials.

The branded messages, images, and information are scattered on different parts of the vehicle. The cost of this type of vehicle branding in Nigeria is N45,000 – N60,000

Cost Of Partial Wrap Vehicle Branding In Nigeria

When you brand some parts of a vehicle, you are doing Partial Wrap Vehicle Branding. You may be branding half of the vehicle or just one area of the car or truck. The Cost Of Partial Wrap Vehicle Branding In Nigeria is N50,000 – N60,000

Cost of Full Wrap Vehicle Branding In Nigeria

Full wrap vehicle Branding is currently the most expensive form of Branding vehicles in Nigeria.

In this form of vehicle branding, you wrap the entire car, truck, or bus with the branding material. It is the most used kind of branding in Nigeria, and its popularity has led to its high cost.

The cost of branding vehicles in Nigeria with a full wrap is between N70,000 – N80,000.

Best Vehicle Branding Companies In Nigeria

You would not want to organize a campaign without reaching your target audience. To avoid stories that touch the heart of your product branding, you can make use of the popular vehicle branding companies in Lagos.

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