Buscar East Africa Online Booking, Bus Tickets, Fares, Offices, and Contacts

Buscar East Africa online booking
Buscar East Africa online booking, offices, routes and contacts

What is the Buscar East Africa online booking procedure? How much does the company charge to go along this particular route? Can I send a parcel through the company to another location? Find relevant answers to your questions in this article.

Road travel is the primary mode of transportation in Kenya. Numerous road transportation businesses have been founded as a result of this. These bus companies provide a variety of transportation services, from basic buses to deluxe buses, at varying pricing points.

There are several, nevertheless, that have undergone extensive testing and are thought to be among the best Kenyan transportation businesses. The transport firm Buscar East Africa is one of them.

One of Kenya’s most esteemed transportation firms is Buscar East Africa Limited. One of the most popular road transport brands in Eastern Africa is still the corporation, because of its long history of credibility. Continue reading to learn more about this transportation provider, the services it provides, the booking process, etc.

In this article, you’ll find information regarding Buscar East Africa online booking, offices, routes, and contacts.

Buscar East Africa: All You Need To Know

A Kenyan road transportation business is called Buscar E.A. People are moved through several Kenyan cities as a result of it. The transport business is well known for transporting people to and from Voi, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kilifi, Kisumu, and Kitale, among other places.

It is convenient and safe to travel with Buscar East Africa. The transportation firm operates a fleet of buses that is primarily made up of the well-liked, opulent, and roomy Scania models.

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The buses run by the transportation firm contain two kinds of plush seats. The first is the Cinemax Zone, often known as the VIP zone. It is designed like a movie theatre with LCD panels to entertain the VIP passengers. In addition, they have access to curtains and charging ports.

The Live View Zone is a class at the second level that is designated as a business class. In the front of the buses, there are seats in this category. You can witness the entire scene as it unfolds in real-time here. In addition to providing transportation, the transport company also provides delivery and courier services throughout Kenya.

Routes Plied By Buscar East Africa

Though the Transport company moves to various places in Kenya, here are a few of the major routes being plied by Buscar East Africa:

  • Mombasa to Malindi
  • Mombasa to Kitale
  • Nairobi to Mombasa
  • Nairobi to Kampala
  • Nairobi to Malindi

Services Rendered By Buscar East Africa

Along with providing intercity transportation services, Buscar E. A also offers the following service:

Courier Services

Buscar East Transport also offers delivery and courier services in Kenya. In this case, customers are the ones who are moving the products, packages, or parcels between locations. In order to provide customers peace of mind regarding the shipment of their items, it also provides tracking services. Usually, the merchandise is delivered on schedule as well.

Buscar East Africa Offices And Contacts

The table below consists of the contacts of the various offices this transportation provider has:

Accra Road0790505050
Mwembe Tayari, Mombasa Office0717073333
Malindi Office0711500888
Kampala Jinja Office+256783616888
Kisumu Office0722582333
Machakos Junction+254711515115
Busia Office+254722542111
Mtwapa Office0717020808
Timboni Office0711505500
Kilifi Office+254717072020
South C Office+254711502626
Luanda Office+254791544441
Kampala Office+256778424787, +256790444414
Buscar East Africa Online Booking, Offices And Contacts

Buscar East Africa Online Booking: Making Reservations

How do I go about the Buscar East Africa online booking?

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You must visit one of their transport terminals or speak with their customer support to take advantage of Buscar East Africa’s transportation services. There is no internet presence for the company, therefore you can’t use your laptop or smartphone to purchase tickets there.

However, the transport company still provides dependable, cozy, and secure services, so it would be in your best interest to travel with them.

Why Choose Buscar East Africa?

Buscar East Africa Transport Company should be your first choice if you are a luxury-loving customer. A few things to remember about the transportation business are as follows:

The presence of LCD screens, privacy curtains, charging ports for passengers’ electronics, and air conditioning systems aboard Buscar East buses demonstrate how opulent they are. In order to always keep passengers comfortable, the buses are roomy and offer appropriate leg room.

Additionally, the organization is able to connect with a variety of people with various income levels because of the two classes of bus seats that are available. The live view zone is offered for travelers who are strapped by funds but still wish to travel in safety and comfort. For those who enjoy making a big deal out of their visits, there is also the Cinemax Zone.

In order to allow customers who don’t want to travel still to have the chance to ship their goods, the transportation company also provides courier services. Affordably priced service is also provided by the organization. Because the goods being shipped can be tracked, the company’s delivery service can be trusted.

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This piece has discussed everything you need to know about this transportation company including Buscar East Africa online booking, offices and contacts, routes plied and other services rendered.

What are the Buscar East Africa online booking procedures? This question has been addressed in the piece. One of Kenya’s top upscale services is provided by the transport firm, Buscar East Africa. It has been there for a while, has been put to the test by many people, and is renowned for its high-quality services.

The customer service contact listed below can still be used to make reservations, request additional information, or file a complaint even when the company’s website isn’t currently operational:

  • Buscar Head Office Address: River Rd, Nairobi
  • Phone number: +254792700700, 0718127350, 0791544446
  • Email: [email protected]

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