Top 10 Best Bus Companies In Kenya

Best bus companies in Kenya
Best bus companies in Kenya

What are the best bus companies in Kenya today?

Road Transportation is one of the fastest growing sectors in Kenya. It is basically a necessity and many Kenyans who regularly move from one location to the other make use of them. This has led to the establishment of many road transport companies, offering various services in order to attract customers.

Many of these businesses have expanded in terms of the services they offer and the development of online presence, among other things, as a result of the existence of numerous businesses and the desire to succeed.

The top road transportation buses in Kenya are listed here, in no particular order of importance. The buses on the list were selected based on a variety of factors, including overall performance, customer satisfaction, and reputation developed over time.

Find below, the top 10 best bus companies in Kenya and why they appear on the list.

Best Bus Companies In Kenya

The best bus companies in Kenya arranged in no particular order are:

Modern Coast Coaches Limited

One of the best bus companies in Kenya that provides trustworthy services is Modern Coast Coach. It started out in 2007 with just 6 buses that ran only between Mombasa and Nairobi. Modern Coast is one of the best bus companies in Kenya.

Over the years, it has expanded to have more than 50 opulent cars that not only travel on Kenyan highways but also in East African nations like Tanzania and Uganda.

Why should you travel with the Modern Coast coach?

Offering its customers high-quality, pleasant, and opulent journeys are important to modern Coast Coach. The buses include two by-two reclining seats that give passengers extra legroom and are practical for both long and short trips.

There are amenities for passenger entertainment on the opulent buses as well. It cannot be overstated how important it is to have air conditioning because it makes traveling more comfortable, especially in hot weather. There are sound systems, television displays, and other amenities.

The different interests of the passengers are taken into account by modern coaches. For individuals to have access to information about its timetable, has led to the development of an online presence. There is also the existence of online booking, which permits people the opportunity to book their trips from the comfort of their home

Easy Coach Ltd.

One of the most well-known best bus companies in Kenya is Easy Coach. The shipping firm provides nationwide shipping services. Within Kenya, it transported both people and cargo. In numerous important Kenyan cities, it is renowned for its high-quality and secure services. A few of these are Nairobi, Kisumu, Maseno, Malaba, Mumias, Kakamega, Mbale, Bungoma, Usenge, and numerous other cities.

Why Choose Easy Coach?

The ability to purchase tickets online or to learn more about the company’s schedule prior to a journey is available, especially for travelers who choose to use Easy Coach. As long as you have a smartphone with an internet connection, you may simply order tickets from the comfort of your home.

Along with providing passenger transportation, the transport company also provides several additional services. They comprise vehicle rental and courier services. You may get in touch with Easy Coach Customer Care if you need to rent a vehicle, whether you’re traveling alone or with a group. Additionally, you can send your items for a reasonable fee anywhere in Kenya.

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Mash Poa

Mash Poa is one of Kenya’s Top Best Bus Companies In Kenya. It also goes by the name Mash East Africa LTD and is involved in moving people to different places in Kenya and certain East African nations like Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Mash East Africa was founded in 2003, and since then, it has excelled to the point that the Mash Poa company has won numerous accolades for the superior services it provides in the Kenyan road transportation industry.

Why Mash Poa?

The Mash East Africa transport firm has several rules in place to ensure the safety of its passengers since it cares much about their well-being. In order to ensure that all vehicles are in acceptable condition for travel, they include, among other things, the monitoring of drivers’ licenses every six to twelve months, testing drivers for alcohol before letting them operate a vehicle, and changing vehicles every three to four years.

The transportation company also provides opulent services, including legroom, televisions, sound systems, air conditioning, and much more, all at reasonable costs.

Dreamline Express

One of Kenya’s top transportation firms, Dreamline Express is well known for its high-quality road transport services.

A Kenyan firm called Dreamline Express provides road transportation for both passengers and cargo between Kenyan cities. It even makes its way to Uganda in East Africa. The transportation business provides high-end, dependable services at reasonable costs.

Here are a few things you stand to enjoy when you travel with Dreamline Express:

Luxury services are provided to passengers of the Dreamline Express. Onboard restrooms, USB ports, free WiFi, a music system, and television are just a few of the opulent amenities available. Long flights benefit most from these amenities. Dreamline Express is recognized as one of the greatest Kenyan road transportation companies because these amenities are not offered by conventional buses.

Additionally, there is a system in place for online reservations that helps travelers arrange their travel plans. Isn’t it wonderful that you can even choose the seats you want to sit in when traveling?

Simba Coach

Due to its reputation as one of Kenya’s top transportation providers, you have definitely heard of Simba Coach at some point.

Transporting people and goods between different towns and cities in Kenya is the business of Simba Coach, a road transportation provider in Kenya. Several East African nations, including Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Uganda, are among those that Simba Coach visits.

Why Simba Coach?

Simba Coach should be your first choice when searching for luxury. Since Simba Coaches have been around, traveling has become more exciting because of the LCD displays that are installed in their buses to provide entertainment for the passengers while they are traveling. The bosses possess sound systems among other things.

The seats are two by two reclining chairs for the convenience of the passengers, and they offer enough legroom for both long and short-distance travels. For the convenience of the customers, the bosses also feature charging stations and air conditioning.

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The transportation company also provides a platform for online reservations, which has made it simple for customers to book tickets and learn about the company’s schedules.

Guardian Coach

Among the reputable transportation providers in Kenya is Guardian Coach. It has long been recognized for providing the people of Kenya with high-quality road transport services.

The late business tycoon, Ong’era Maturi founded the transportation business. Like other road transportation businesses, Guardian Coach began with only three buses but has since grown steadily as a result of the excellent services it provides, as well as its knowledge and dependability. It has grown to possess a lot of luxury and Scania buses.

Why Travel With Guardian Coach?

The transportation company is very concerned about the security of its customers and has taken many steps to guarantee it. To control how the vehicles move, the buses have speed limiters installed. The drivers have received thorough training in regard to Kenyan driving laws.

The transportation company also offers its customers luxury at discounted rates. There is plenty of legroom in the buses’ two-by-two reclining seats. The vehicles also have air conditioning and entertainment features like sound systems, televisions, etc.

Coast Bus Ltd.

Coast Bus LTD is one of the oldest yet top bus companies in Kenya. With over 56 years of experience in the Kenyan transportation industry, Coast Bus LTD transports Kenyans across the country’s cities safely.

For an enjoyable experience and great services that are affordable and comfortable, travel with Coach bus

Why choose Coast Bus?

This Transport company has stood the test of time having been in existence for over 50 years. The fact that it still has customers over the years is proof that it provides good and quality Services. The services it offers are also very affordable which helps it to meet the standards of those who might be low on cash.

Tahmeed Coach

Tahmeed Coach is also one of the best bus companies in Kenya today. When it comes to convenient, secure, and reasonably priced bus travel in Kenya, Tahmeed Coach Transportation Company should be your first point of call. It has a reputation for providing high-caliber, secure services.

Having been in business for more than 16 years, Tahmeed Coach Transport Firm is a well-known Kenyan road transportation company. It facilitates the transfer of individuals between locations in Kenya. It is functioning not only in Kenya but also in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Why choose Tahmeed Coach?

Tahmeed coach offers safe transportation. Numerous safety regulations have been implemented by the transportation organization for both its drivers and buses. In order to avoid needless casualties, the drivers have received thorough training on Kenyan road laws and regulations. In order to regulate the movements of the vehicles, the buses are also fitted with speed limitations.

You ought to take the Tahmeed Coach if you want to travel in comfort at a reasonable cost. The buses include features like USB ports, TV displays, leg room, and air conditioning.

Tahmeed Coach is your greatest option if you have ever worried about locating the ideal transport business to send your stuff. To all locations where the buses travel, they provide economical courier and logistical services. Because the buses can be tracked, you can also track your cargo and put your mind at ease.

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Transline Classic

Transline Classic is a road transportation business in Kenya. In other words, the company facilitates the transfer of products and people from one location to another. Because of the excellent service it provides, it is quite well-liked in Kenya.

Nairobi serves as the corporate headquarters of Transline Classic, which was founded in 2005. Despite beginning modestly, the transportation company currently has more than 50 buses that it employs to deliver high-quality services.

Why Transline Classic?

In addition to arranging for the transportation of passengers across short and large distances, Transline Classic also provides courier services. They offer cost-effective transportation of both large and light loads to any location that their buses visit.


Transline Classic has deluxe amenities like legroom, 2 by 2 reclining seats, air conditioning, LCD screens, and others, much like every other transportation provider on this list. This is being done to make sure that passengers enjoy their experience on Transline Classic bus trips at all times.

ENA Coach

This ends our list of the best bus companies in Kenya. ENA Coach is one of the best transportation providers. a corporation that provides dependable, high-quality, and safe transportation by road.

Kenyan transportation provider ENA Coach is managed by ENA Investments Limited. In order to offer its clients the finest services possible, the business has been in existence since 2010 and has undergone multiple brand repositioning campaigns from 2008 to 2018. Evans Ayona is the owner of it.

Why travel with ENA Coach?

In addition to offering passenger transportation services, ENA Coach also provides individual and group courier services. For the benefit of the consumers, the transport company transports both light and heavyweight packages. The business collaborates with Explore Parcel Handles (EPH), which enables them to offer high-quality courier services.

The transportation company also operates 12- and 49-seater vans and buses for passenger transportation. The buses are renowned for their comfort, with reclining seats and generous legroom, making them ideal for both long and short trips. They also have cutting-edge buses that showcase amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, charging outlets, and televisions for the amusement of passengers.

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Final Thoughts

Although opinions may differ, the companies included on this list are well-known for offering high-end services on Kenyan roads, and most have an online booking system to make it simpler for their passengers to travel. This piece has discussed the best bus companies in Kenya today.

They have stood the test of time since they have been there for a long time. Additionally, their clients have given them a lot of positive feedback. Any of the transport companies listed above may be a good choice if you’re unsure of which one to choose for your next trip.

Despite their similarities, these transportation companies each have unique characteristics. Visit their links to learn more about each one.

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