Air Decker Bus: Bristol to Bath Ticket Prices, Timetable And Stops

The Air Decker Bus Transport Company operates intercity buses, and in addition to linking Bath with Bristol Airport, it also provides service to all stops along the route, enabling passengers to travel locally for pleasure or business. It has experienced growth at every step since its founding in 1997, moving through a variety of them.

Because of its reputation for high-quality services, it has emerged as a noteworthy transport company. Continue reading to learn more about this Transport company, its routes, and the booking process, among other things.

Air Decker Bus: All You Need To Know

Air decker bus

In 1997, four ex-Badgerline executives founded the Air Decker Bus Company. Three of the four original buses were made into open-top vehicles and painted by three of the firm’s directors, giving the transportation company its beginnings!

On May 20, 1997, Bath Bus Company opened its doors for open-top tours, entering a market that was already crowded with three other tour operators. Later, as the business grew, it entered into contracts for local bus service, employment, and school bus transportation.

The Bath Bus Company joining the City Sightseeing group in 1999 was a significant move. As a result, the buses were given a makeover and received their characteristic, elaborate red livery. Guide Friday, a well-known travel company, was acquired by City Sightseeing in 2003.

The local service work was discontinued and significant investments in open-top tours were undertaken as a result of the 2004 acquisition of Bath Bus Company by the Ensign Bus Company, which led to the introduction of new low-emission vehicles.

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Following RATP’s acquisition of Bath Bus Company in 2011, the company expanded. In order to advance the business, other projects have been identified since the launch of the A4 Bath to Bristol Airport Service in 2013.

Air Decker Bus Company Routes.

Though the transport company is known to ply many routes, here are the major routes:

  • Buses to Bristol
  • Buses to Saltford
  • Buses to Bath
  • Buses to Keynsham

Top Air Decker Bus Stations

  • BRS Airport
  • Bath Bus Station

Travelling With Air Decker Bus: Booking Tickets

Air decker

You must reserve your tickets in order to use the Air Decker transportation services. Bookings for their tickets can be made in person at their terminals, over the phone with customer service, or online. Here is a guide to ordering your tickets since the majority of people prefer the online booking system:

  • Visit the Air Decker Transport company’s official website
  • Click on the booking interface
  • You’ll be required to fill in your date of departure, departure location, time and destination.
  • Then, you will fill in your passenger details such as name, email address, phone number e.t.c.
  • Then proceed to payment. You will need to pay with your PayPal account.
  • You will receive your ticket via email.

Why Travel With Air Decker Bus?

Air Decker bus fleet

It is well recognised that the RATP Dev offers high-quality services. It includes all mobility-related services, including unmatched technical support for running transportation networks and passenger information, ticketing, space management, transportation on demand, and paratransit.

With its multimodal network serving the Paris region, one of the most demanding in the world with more than 10 million passengers per day, the transportation firm offers security and dependability. RATP has 100 years of experience in this area.

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RATP Dev is renowned for providing cutting-edge but tested solutions. Examples include driverless metros, multi-network ticketing, consumer marketing, and many other RATP-initiated techniques. It builds seamless transportation networks.

Noteworthy Facts About Air Decker Bus Company

  • The Air Decker can be utilised without leaving or arriving at Bristol Airport.
  • Since Air Decker provides service to every point along the route, you can board for shorter trips as well! Ticket prices for local one-way trips start at just £2.00.
  • Online bookings of local fares are not permitted.
  • Purchasing one of the Air Decker 10 journey tickets can result in greater savings if you commute frequently. You can purchase it for a fixed fee of £20, which will cover you for 10 one-way trips in Bath, Saltford, Keynsham, and South Bristol. There are no transferrable tickets available.
  • Using the company’s bus tracker app, you may also locate your bus.

Final Thoughts

You can count on receiving dependable services from the Air Decker Transport Company. Air Decker is a popular option because of its use of the most up-to-date ticketing methods and the excellent customer support provided by the driving staff.

For further enquiries and the booking process, you can contact the company’s Customer Care via the following means:

  • Head office: Bath Bus Company, 6 North Parade, Bath, BA1 1LF
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Number : +44 01225 330444
  • Open Mon-Fri, 09:00-17:00hrs

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